12/12 from seed and LST

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  1. this will be my first time growing, and i am planning to give the plant 24 hour light for 1-2 days and then switch to 12/12 and LST the plant (space is quite limited). what are your general thoughts on this guys?
  2. skip the LST. the plant will only get about 10-15 inches tall.
  3. ok thnx
    what bulbs should i use daylight or soft white??

  4. why not lst?? i mean you can only increase ur yield especialy if you dont have the greatest lighting

  5. use a mixture of both just use a 2;1 ratio more 2700k for flowering and more 6500k for Veg the plants love the full spectrum all the time :D happy smokin


  6. A couple grows ago I did 12/12 from seed to see what its like. All I basically ended up with is small plants but the same amount of time elapsed. If your scrolling then excellent choice or want a small plant then go way to do it.

    Cannabis takes 20-30 days to mature enough to flower then you still have 2 months of flowering.
  7. not for a plant of this size.. if you're veging for an extended period. that's when you use training, to keep canopy an even and hence add to yield.

    the plant will be about 6 inches tall when it flowers, keeping it well within the light dissipation window of even the weakest CFL. if you're using anything less then CFLs ..well, you're already fucked
  8. I did a white widow 12/12 from seed a couple months ago and it ended up getting around 22 inches tall. Yield wasn't too great but it was my first grow and it was good smoke so no complaints. It also started flowering at a little over two weeks old
  9. I agree there is little point to LST when going 12/12 from seed. One is a method to grow out each plant to its full potential over time, the other is a method to speed each plant to harvest as quickly as possible without regard for each plant's overall size. Kind of contradictory.
  10. thanks for the input :)

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