12/12 clones right to flowering?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by SmallSmoke, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. Well i've done a couple whacky things before, and have had some strange results, but this by far is the strangest.

    I've been able to get a clone to root under 12/12 and keep it in 12/12. Right now the clone looks sort of deformed. It's got a nice healthy root system, stem, but the leaves are retarded.

    Instead of the normal fan leaf, the fan leaf consists of usually just one leaf that looks semi-retarded.

    And even stranger, from the bottom buds are starting to form on the stem, no side cola or anything.

    the plant is about 5 inches tall.

    Has anyone else done this before?
  2. The technique is called Cloning for sex....many growers use it to weed out the males early
  3. If you let it get bigger, it will turn out looking something like this :





    this is a clone that i sexed, then veged, now am flowring it again ;) its doing AWSOME btw :) just looks a lil funny
  4. mord, that is exactly what mine looks like. But I just said F the light cycle and keep it on 12. It will remain on 12 all the way through.

    My most recent project was a Banzai plant. worked very well, just harvested 18g wet... Pretty potent, too bad I don't have any pics. Camera is awol.

    Mord, do you think the plants will bud normally?

    Mine shows so much more bud growth on the stem it's stupid.
  5. mines budding very normaly and MUCH faster than the other plants

    (there's actualy a technique called "flowering clones" where you take a clone from a plant in flower, veg it so when it comes time to flower again it will happen faster)


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