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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by vander, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. O.K. so heres the deal. I grew my first plant in a 5 gal bucket for about 5 weeks. 4 or so of those weeks under a single floresent tube. i switched to cfls and started to flower. Its been flowering for about 2 weeks now and ive yet to see any sign of sex. When i started flowering, the only branches comin off were the first fan leaves. Now im gettin more branches growing in but im curious to know if i should pull from 12/12 and put back on 24/0 for a while? will it hurt the plant? or should i juss let it ride and work things out?
  2. No point in rushing them right? Corn grows forever, and you don't see farmers freaking out trying to make them flower within 5 weeks...

    It certainly won't hurt to put them back on 24-0. In nature they would have all spring and summer for vegitative growth (like 6 months), and would flower in the fall.

    You could probably let it flower and if it's female it'll let you know, but I would let it grow a little longer before flowering if I were you.

  3. if you switch the flowering and veg cycles now your more likely to end up with a male or hermie. just stick with the 12/12
  4. dont change your light cycle again its possible to re vegg mj but it could cause a hermie and it will stress your plant

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