12/12 after only 2 weeks from sprouting.

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    I have had some successs putting a seed in a big pot and leting it grow 12/12 light cycle.

    The strains used have been hybrid so it may explain some of the vigour.

    Anyway My current grow situation meant I had to put 10 Burmese Kush into flowering at 2 weeks from seed.

    They have about 4 set of internodes if that gives you a idea of their size.

    Is it worth using up my light space?

  2. my rule of thumb is that if my flower tent is empty, something going in there ASAP. I know plenty of people that go straight from rooting to flower. Should work well for you, just get some vegging now so you can put them in there when the little fellows are done.

    Little 2 inch clones going straight into flower usually yields me a little over an ounce per plant, but there are people around here that get better results than that. For me, an empty flowering tent is a waste of all my effort and time, i always have something going in there.
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    Cheers !

    Well thats the thing I have limited space its all about a small cloning cabinet to the flowering room.

    I have some clones but the good selection is from the seeds I have going at the moment. I have to get them to show their sex asap.

    At the moment I have
    Burmese Kush - TH Seeds/fem
    Dutch Delight - Flying Dutchmen/fem
    Mandela seeds - 3 regular seeds growing, I am hoping on getting at least one female.
    Spontanica - 5 of those regular.

    And the free seeds.
    1/ Northern Soul Fem
    2/ two G13 hazes reg
    1/Power Africa fem
    1/Top 44 Skunk reg
    1/ Skunk Haze. reg
    1/ Thai Haze reg

    The free seeds make it difficult to find the space :)
  4. Actually the Burmese and Dutch Delight are growing well and should be worthwhile.

    I agree about the empty flowering room, so far so good.

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