12/12 58/58

Discussion in 'General' started by Koopa, Dec 3, 2006.

  1. does anyone know what 12/12 58/58 means? tony yayo (g-unit) always yells it when hes talkin about sellin crack...

    its obviously like wieghts or prices but does anyone know wat it means exactly tho
  2. I have no clue.

    But, 12 over 12 and 58 over 58 happen to be proportionate.
  3. There bag sizes dowload kilos by Ghostface and he breaks it down at the end of the song
  4. Accually your wrong, it is 12 over 12 which is proportionate to 48 over 48.
  5. Not when you're trying to skinny some illiterate fuck out of a bag.
  6. Ha good one.
  7. 12 x 58 = 696
    And obviously 696 divided by 12 or 58 is going to give you the other number.
    Therefor, if my algebra is as good as I think it is, they're proportionate.

  8. your wrong to, cuz 12/12 and 48/48 or 58/58 are all proportional to the number 1, but that dont have anything to do with tony yayo and his horrible rap music about how cool it is to sell crack
  9. Hahhahahah, proof that we're all a bunch of stoners, it didn't even occur to us that all of those fractions are equal to 1.

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