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  1. let me just start by saying i understand the lighting schedule(s)...

    but i got baked like a cake today and got thinkin.....24/0, 18/6, 12/12....then it hit me......what would happen if you did 12hrs of light and only 10hrs of dark....would the plant recognize the 2hrs lost.....do they know there is 24hrs in a day.... could this potenially speed up ur harvest times???? shoot me down!! i was firefruckin high and thought i'd ask???

  2. that seems rather similar to how DST works... you basically move time based around your system...

    but then again, it may have problematic effects... like producing less bud or now growing properly...

    i konw little about growing i just saw this and seemed interesting.

    plus i just got done smokin some kb and my face is numb lol
  3. You could try. But what timer runs on 22 hours? lol. I guess you could just change the timer every single day.
  4. it wouldnt be too hard to try. just kick the timer forward two hours every night cycle. id say try it and see what happens. just make sure you do an extensive grow journal so people can learn from it.
  5. would be interesting to find out how it affects the plants. try it and let us know.
  6. if everbody finds this intriging ...i got some diesel clones ill be flowering next.....i'll try it with a selected few.....and yea i'll do a journal...
  7. :hello:

    be sure to post a link to your grow journal on this thread so we can find it.
  8. grass plants have been here for millions of years so i sure they would know about the 24 hour clock.you can go back 2 hours but its less bud.i go to 8 hours dueing last week to take most of the chlorophyll out of it (that home grow taste).so just stick to 12/12 until last week then 8 hours for 5 days.

    plants tested on 10 hours.nl,white satin,less bud,smoke was a stoned one not so much hi.

  9. lol

    so true)
    i didnt think about it when i red the first post
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    plants monitor the length of the dark period they get.
    Long dark == flowering,
    short dark == vegetative

    (that's why you don't want to interrupt the dark cycle coz the plant will perceive it as two short nights and short nights == vegetative growth)

    so, going from 12/12 to 12/10(dark) is giving the plant a shorter night, and as we know short nights == veg growth.

    a better schedule would be 10/12(dark), that'd still give the plant long nights so it'd keep flowering

    (this is theoretical and you'd have to try it to see for sure what would happen)

  11. I think the real issue is whether or not the plant would veg or flower on a 14/10 schedule. If it did veg, then it should still veg with 12/10, and a change to 10/12 should trigger flowering... I'm just thinking out loud here. I don't see any advantages to a 22 hour schedule, you'd probably only be losing time with light that could be spent vegging/ developing buds.
  12. like i stated i was baked as f*ck...and was just tossing it out there.....thx for all the imput...and i will try 12/10 and 10/12...
  13. are you guys higher then me or am i higher then you haha..anyways isnt 12/10 and 10/12 the same shit..12/10/12/10/12/10 or 10/12/10/12/10/12 get what im saying haha?
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    I went over this a lot in my head in the past, heres my conclution. I think the best way to go would be with a weekly timer.
    14on / 12off

    There has been some success with taking flowering plants outdoors or to a geen house during there last 4-2 weeks of flowering when the days were at 14/10. It all depended on the strain, some reverted some budded. I cant recall on the quality of the buds. Edit: this would be awesome to up your harvests per year or free some room in the flowering room, just make sure not to transplant, you will need to leave them in the same container.

    hope that helps.
  15. This was done on ICmag... using an 18 hour light cycle to reduce overall flowering time...


    you just need to get a 7 day programable digital timer with at least 18 programable events. Most have a lot more than that. Then all you need to do is program the schedule into the timer. It should take all of 5 mins to do it and the timer should cost anywhere from 18.00 to 35.00 depending on where you get it.

    I got the schedule off the advanced site.

    1 ON Sun 12:00pm
    1 OFF Sun 6:40pm

    2 ON Mon 6:40am
    2 OFF Mon 1:20pm

    3 ON Tue 1:20am
    3 OFF Tue 8:00am

    4 ON Tue 8:00pm
    4 OFF Wed 2:40am

    5 ON Wed 2:40pm
    5 OFF Wed 9:20pm

    6 ON Thu 9:20am
    6 OFF Thu 4:00pm

    7 ON Fri 4:00am
    7 OFF Fri 10:40am

    8 ON Fri 10:40pm
    8 OFF Sat 5:20am

    9 ON Sat 5:20pm
    9 OFF Sun 12:00am

    and it restarts again..... oh well GL
  16. ...what if u did half days 12 and 6/6 and if what ur sayin is correct cut ur grow time in half...but most experements of this sort dont seem to be worth it if u short ur plant she'll most likely short you but good luck.
  17. I'm liking the 14/12 idea the best, id love to see an experiment with all these concepts. if i had enough equipment and patience i would do an experiment like this:

    start with 15 seeds of the same strain, could do in seperate grows or all at the same time but with 5 different rooms.

    3 plants = 12/12 (constent)
    3 plants = 14/12
    3 plants = 12/14
    3 plants = 12/10
    3 plants = 10/12
  18. i agree with you to a point.......... i veg and grow my moms using 20 hour days, 15/5, the same ratio as 18/6. a couple weeks before i want to clip and if it's going to be alot, i'll boost the time up to 17/5 to get more growth on my moms only. when you are guerilla gardening and tryin to get 2-3 hundred clones ready for the season gaining that 4 hours a day allows you an extra 2 on/off periods during each week. If you apply that to flowering period, in theory the same result. as far as stressing the plants, if they are used to a 20 hour day in veg, 10/10 would still be flower and the same ratio as 12/12 on a 24hr day. long flowering strains now become much more desirable to grow, shortening 9 weeks cycles to 7 now becomes much more appealing...... back in the day we used to call it supercropping.... but perhaps its changed....

    i super crop during veg and like to grow bushy monsters, the extra days worked for me, and gave the girls more time to recover from pinchin the stalks so much. a little adive to make it easier, if you intend on using this method make sure that you put a small lamp or night light on the same circuit as your timer for your veg room its on a 20hr day, if you water at one time one day the next day won't be the same, makes it a little inconvenient to have a watering schedule and things set in stone. programming a 7 day timer was also a bitch, but it worked out, write the schedule on paper before you go thru pressing buttons.

    just my 2 cents

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