115 USD Budget for a portable vaporizer

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by TwoPolls, Nov 17, 2014.

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    I have a $115.00 budget to buy a new portable vaporizer. I currently own a Solo and it needs replacing after all these years.
    I am 90% sure that I want the FlowerMate V5.0S from www.WizardPuff.com - Does any body have experience with this vendor? Everything looks great, I'm just concerned the product reviews are not real??
    Anyways, 115$ is my firm budget and I think the V5.0S is literally the best choice out there right now? Open to any suggestions, thank you.

  2. I have a MFLB that I really like it has a learning curve to it but I watched all the videos I could find and I picked it up pretty quick. I would also look at The Hammer I have heard good things about it and I think I will pick one up for camping cause then I don't have to worry about batteries. Lol I just wish I could get my SSV in a portable.

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  3. At the price wizard puff sells the flowermate at it just isnt worth it. I would look in to the firewood and hammer personally around that price limit but there are other good vapes around there too.
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    I wouldn't buy anything from wizard puff and neither should you, never dealt with them but the fact they send shills to boards like this and FC is enough for me to question there integrity.
  5. In your price range, I would go with the MFLB, solid unit and at your price probably the best bet.
  6. On massdrop they got the flowermate v8(i think?)

    Idk much about the flowermate, but its $70 over there, so if youre already interested in that model it might be a come-up for you
  7. You can get the Magic Flight Launch Box at aroma-tek.com for 75.00. I haven't bought from there though, because I'm not positive if the original warranty would still be on it, since they're selling below retail value. Still a good deal.

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