11 On 13 Off and harvest time

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  1. What are things you can do to shorten flowering/harvest time? Will going 11 on and 13 off shorten flowering time? If so how much of ayiel loss will there be?
  2. from what I read you can do 12 off 6 on, just you will have to make sure to turn on and off the lights after the right amount of time.
  3. Having a longer dark period is just a failsafe to ensure your plants are getting 12 hours of dark.

  4. What do you do during the other 6 hours of the day? :rolleyes: :p

    To the OP, yes it will speed up flowering a little bit, but you also lose a little bit of the yield.
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    you flip it back into a dark period ;) it's really impractical but it'll speed up the flowering. since the plant will think 3 days(normal full 24hr days) are 4 days

    EDIT: in other words the plant will think days are 18 hrs long instead of 24.

  6. Unless there's a timer that can do this I think it's too much effort.

  7. Thanks. I'm gonna start 11/13 in a couple weeks.

  8. I agree, but in theory it'll do exactly what you want. just sucks that there aren't timers that do this(that i know of) with out having to change the settings every day

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