11 Natural Method's for Detoxing Your Body!

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  1. Original: 11 Natural Methods for Detoxing Your Body | Natural Health & Organic Living Blog

    Will be trying some of these soon. Currently drinking some ginger root tea to help clean my digestive track a little.

  2. There's a huge difference between starving yourself and spending a half hour in a sauna to sweat out toxins. Nowadays the word "detox" has a negative stigma attached to it and arrogant western medical practitioners turn their nose up at it. There's nothing wrong with a mild, occasional detoxification, especially in terms of the digestive system.
  3. I'm not sure you even looked at the link, because it addresses this claim in the preface.

    "detox" has accrued a negative stigma for being intentionally ambiguous and lacking strong consistent empirical evidence - not to mention it's association with demonstrable fraudsters and charlatans.

    Also the high-profile death caused by criminal negligence and often inexcusable stupidity.

    Western medicine (this term is intrinsically flawed considering the history of medicine), is subject to the same kind of mistakes, crimes and errors -- but there is also the systematic effort to reveal, scrutinize, determine, study and do so in an methodological way that is supported by evidence - and not just the simplicity of everyday heuristic thinking.
  4. what are you, some kinda health instructor?

  5. Lol that proved nothing whatsoever and was scattered with logical fallacies.

    When you eat shitty food, your system is overworked and can stop functioning optimally. Plus, if you aren't giving your cells the proper nutrients they need to function at the highest level, your body won't function like it's supposed to. It's not only malnutrition that harms the body, but also acidic pH levels in the food you eat (anything that isn't a raw fruit or vegetable), emotional turmoil, and high levels of stress.

    A good way to detox the body and return it to a healthy and balanced state is to remove all animal products, make at least 80% of your diet highly alkalizing foods, aim for 100% raw foods, meditate often, do both anaerobic and aerobic exercises, drink PLENTY of water, and get tons of sunshine on as much skin as possible.

    Forget any type of supplements or products or whatever. Some may help you like probiotics, but I don't waste my money.

    My medicine and food is the produce section at farmers markets.

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