11 Minute interview with Lil Wayne

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  1. Part 1:
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_Ft2GkYvfQ"]YouTube - Lil Wayne Interview with Katie Couric [Full 11 Min Interview] part 1[/ame]

    Part 2:
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ir2RTtxNP5c"]YouTube - Lil Wayne Interview with Katie Couric [Full 11 Min Interview] part 2[/ame]

    Pretty cool.
  2. i wish i had only watched the part where he talks about weed
  3. Haha that's what I thought when I saw this on TV!, But Since I did unfortunately Ill spare you the comedic highlights:

    Katie Couric: Your teeth are very sparkly.
    Wayne: Thankyou.

    Katie Couric: Can you take me on a little journey through your face?
    Wayne: ..Ok.

    Katie: Tell me about this drink you like..syrup.

    Katie: You also reportedly like... like your weed!! (smiles and tilts head)

    Katie:You never think, Gee Maybe I should ease up on the weed?
    Wayne: I never think that.

    You also get a chance to watch Wayne and Katie bowl and at one point clasp hands for a full 6 seconds teasing each other about bowling...I sort of think Wayne tapped that, he was spitting game..prolly why he did that interview.

  4. wow that actually made him seem somewhat intelligent
  5. As much as I'm not a fan of his music. I gotta admit, I did gain a little respect for the man. But if he's just rapping freestyle whatever on his mind, and he is able to get this popular.

    Why doesn't he focus that and write some stuff down and really come up with something awesome? He probably could if he wanted to.
  6. yeah i never knew much about him prior to this. haha and its not like i just filled my mind up with lil wayne knowledge but from what i gathered he really does seem like an intelligent person in some ways. in others maybe not idk. but ill definitely say this video made me like lil wayne as a person
  7. i absolutely hate lil wayne as an artist, but i liked this video.

    i especially liked what he said about his kids, like the bitch Katie had room to talk about how he takes care of his kids.
  8. "I will always stand up for marijuana"

    its good that he says syrup and cocaine (different interview) are bad but stands up for weed.
  9. "i bulletproof the ride now i feel like armadillos"

    "rappin is my hobby, my house has a lobby"

    so talented

    I laughed at the part where he says he's a gangsta. Shit, grew up an honor roll student, then all of sudden, hes was raised in tha projects/
  10. agreed

    im a huge weezy fan but my beef with him is he rushes his music

    it seems when he tries he makes amazing music but he has a ton of wack verses, especially lately.

    biggie smalls was another rapper who didnt write down his music and he never took songs off, so i just think wayne needs to take his time a little more

    check this out

    [ame="http://www.zshare.net/audio/55298921b018a1fb/"]zSHARE - Drake Ft. Lil Wayne- Ignorant Shit www.hiphopearly.com.mp3[/ame]

    just came out today, this song is hot
  11. wow he had a kid when he was 16
  12. yeah i like whens he ask him "do you think your a good example"
    He says "If you need an example to live your life, you shoulda never been born"
  13. I know alot of people on this forum dont like Wayne as an artist but if he did actually take his time on his songs he really would be a genius and a damn good artist.
  14. aww everyones gettin sappy for wayne :laughing:

    i personally like his music. hits very hit or miss tho, and when he misses he misses hard
  15. I have to respect that as far as we know, he is staying true to himself musically. We really do need more of that these days.
  16. wayne knows how to reach a big audience.. he plays gangster, he plays the druggie..
    dont forget, he did go to college
    anddddddddddd he knows a LOT about music marketing

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