11 hour standoff between my neighbor and 213 cops...

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  1. So, I was heading into the front entrance of my neighborhood around 1 pm on Friday. First thing I notice is that there are 4-5 sheriff cars blocking the way. Of course, I'm thinking "road block" and since I was holding, I did a quick U turn and headed towards the back entrance of my neighborhood.

    As soon as I get into my driveway and out of my car, I hear automatic gunfire from a couple streets down, followed by more gunfire that sounded even closer. By this time I'm freakin out, ready for some shit to go down. So I run inside and grab my SKS and load a clip, and proceed to just sit on my porch, rifle in hand. Not 5 minutes later, two sheriffs pull up in front of my house, and I could tell the gun spooked them, so I reassured the officers that the firearm was solely to protect myself and my property. The cops told me that they were trying to evacuate people from the area, but one said "you appear to have your shit under control". After that, they left.

    Throughout the day, I would hear sporadic gunfire. The police force here ended up bringing out over 200 deputies, as well as an armored tank. It was a few hours later that I learned exactly what was going on.

    One of my best friends from high school, let's call him A, has a stepdad who's ex SEAL and has enough guns and ammo to support a small militia. I used to paintball with this guy every weekend. Well....you guessed it. The gunman was no other than my friends stepdad.

    From what I understand, he tried to kill my buddys mom and his 8 year old brother, but they managed to escape.

    So the standoff went on until 11:30pm, then SWAT busted in and they found him dead. Hasn't been determined if it was suicide or one of the cops rounds.

    It's really eerie. The guy had it made, rich as Hell, beautiful family. And he was a great paintball teammates...

    I dunno why but this makes me depressed. Crazy shit, I tell ya.
  2. God damn, this makes the story of 30 cops kicking in my door with a search warrant seem like nothing.

    That is some crazy shit.
  3. wow that is crazy shit.

    thats a bummer to hear about.
  4. dayyyuuuummm where the hell do u live lol
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    Can I see the article of this in your local newspaper online? I'm sure this would be all over the news.

    So the SWAT team and this "man" have the same rounds/rifles? How can it be a suicide if he killed himself with a different round, and the SWAT has automatic rifles usually AR-15's or something of that sort, I don't see how the SWAT team wouldn't know if their own rounds killed him or not.

    Many inconsistencies in your story buddy.
  6. I live in a suburb of Jackson, MS. People around here at least have 3 guns in their house. I used to live in Laurel, MS, which is pure HOOD so if I heard shit there it was nothing. But this place is on a goddamn golf course!
  7. Do you think they did an autopsy, removed the bullets out of his body, figured out which gun the round came from, and then released this information to the public already?
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    Damn beat me too it.

    In your face, asshole. Don't call me a liar.

    Edit: here's the one I was gonna post:

  9. once again,

  10. I kinda of lost faith in the story when you said they brought in an armored tank, I was getting close when the cops said that "you seem to have your shit under control." But what the hell do I know? Crazy story man.

  11. Well its there, in news print. Or, I could get A to come on here and vouch the story.
  12. Swat often uses massive overkill. Here we had a distraught guy who had taken his wife hostage (she wanted a divorce) and it was all these vehicles, a helicopter, searchlights.... You would've thought the guy had a backpack nuke. That ended well, though, the hostage take surrendered. Sorry about your neighbor.
  13. DAmn I'm glad the wife and kids are safe. I can only imagine what was going on through this guys head. Fucking navy seal probably having flashbacks and shit. Damn a seal, one of the most well trained special forces warrior. Although he did an evil deed I gotta give him a hand. Mother fucker wooped ass 1 man army type shit going on here. A myriad of police and swat vs 1 fucking guy. ...
  14. dam im torn on this. its fucked up wat he did and i hope no cops died, but if i ever decide im done with shit, thats how i wanna go out. talk about a bang

    i feel for u that u were kool with this dude tho, my respects to u and his family
  15. I'm stoned right now, and all I can think of is 'Woah, dude....woah.'
  16. banned after 7 post? lmao
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    Wow all that to end with a Suicide... At least go down in a balze of glory or till you run out of food willpower or ammo. but if out of ammo atleast wave the gun around.

    Dont get me wrong im talking about if this was me. I would not be like that and kill my self.

    i fill for the family and friend and police officer that had to deal with that man and i fill bad for him aswell..
  18. He started off with a BANG!

    Anyone who disagreed with hi, he would threaten with physical violence, insults against their character, etc, etc.

    Some people do not know how to play nice ;)

    His other thread which is now deleted was pretty darn hilarious though, everyone who missed it, really missed out.

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