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11 Days Later and 1 week into flowering.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by unrated, Dec 16, 2002.

  1. I posted 11 days ago with pics and questions. Since then I have installed a 4 ft light with 2 bulbs. I can not remember the brand, but they put out 2,2500 Lumens each. I also moved them to 3 inches from the tops of the plants. No heat from these things at all. I also began flowering 1 week ago.

    Can you see a sex? How do they look? They are all 9 inches tall.

    See the pics from 11 days ago here

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  4. not showing sex yet, usually it takes around 14 days into flowering.
    good luck
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  8. HeLLa FeLLa GC'S,
    Well I was just lookin over your thread and noticed that you said you have just started flowering* Those are a little to small to put into flowering I would imagine* I would wait untill they are at least a foot or two, But it's up to the grower* My prediction is that you wont get much of a harvest* I dont know if its diffrent with hydroponics, But Ive never had a sucessfull grow using organics* GooD LuCk*

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