11 Commandments to Growing the best bud / How to grow the best bud

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  1. 11 Commandments to Growing the best bud / How to grow the best bud / Best buds secrets for individual bucket hydroponic grows

    •1• Choose a worthy nutrient line and stick with it during the entire grow. Your plant adapts to a rythmic molecular absorbtion routine, causing it to absorb nutrients at an accelerated rate. This is very similar to muscle memory during an intense workout.
    •2• Have at least 3 air stones per bucket in order to create a saturated environment for the roots that are rich with oxygen
    •3• Overfeed to the max point before nutrient burn occurs on the leaves
    •4• Give more light than needed
    •5• Low stress training (tying down branches)
    •6• High stress training (bending branches sideways up to a 90 degree angle, slightly tearing the branch tissue)
    •7• Scrogging - Put a large, taught mesh net over your plant, and have the plant grow out horizontally FIRST, filling up the empty mesh squares completely, taking up a large surface area. Afterwards, set the light cycle to flowing mode and watch your plant explode vertically.
    •8• Continuously trim the fan leaves off of your plant to expose the budding sites to the light. Continuously!!!!!
    •9• Always ensure that your plant is topped off on water at all times. It's in a constant high, overloaded shock which causes to grow much more rapidly thus consuming much more water and light than usual.
    •10• Veg stage: approx 50-60% humidity. During flowering stage 50-35%, and you slowly lower it as the weeks go by.
    •11• Watch your plant become a monster.

    Dr. Meteorbud
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