11,650 lumens of cfl's

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by tanzer92, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Have 2 68w cfl that's 2700, then 2 23w 6500 and 5000k. I have this for a 1.5'x1.5 area. Would this be good for lighting?
  2. And also how big of plants could I have without having to worry about lighting. Because I heard from a friend that cfl's have limited penetration on plants?
  3. Make it 4 23w 6500 and you're golden. 2 cfl per plant works for me
  4. Should I get 2 more 68w ones also?
  5. The more watts the better... there really isn't a limit when it comes to cfl... Buy as many as you can afford... more watts = more bud to smoke.
  6. Well hell yeah I'll be ordering some 105w off the web. My buddy got one of those makes my big 68 look tiny. I want a big yield but not tall cfl's right for that?
  7. Don't waste your money on 6500k cfls... use cheap ones for vegging. Spend the money on 2700k... that's where the bud comes from.
  8. Yeah those are what the 105w ones are they give off over 7000 lumens by it self and it's 13" long. Get 2 of those and what I already have when I put it in flowering should be plenty lol
  9. Honestly dude if your gonna be putting in more money towards big CFLs you might as well buy a Blackstar LED UFO and use the CFLs as supplementary (even though you won't need it much). That's how I do it now after a couple CFL grows and removes the heat issue from using large CFLs in small grow areas. They have gone down in price finally so I picked up a UFO 135W triband 3W Leds from Amazon... Dense crystallized nugs! :bongin:
  10. Yeah I have been looking at 370w led light with complete spectrum and yoyo lift for it
  11. Just forced my 2 baby's into flowering but I have 680w of 2700k and 100w of 6500k and 100w of 5000k I think I should be flowering pretty nice even could have some more plants if I wanted most likely. But I think I'm going with the led after this from now on.

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