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11.5 Grams of THC

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Dale.Gribble, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Whats up GC. I'm sorry if you have seen this before, but I thought I should make a thread now that I only have 6.5 grams left.

    Keep on toking :smoke::smoke:


  2. I really just want to eat it
  3. OMY! im speechless
  4. you should rail a bit of that
  5. lol that would be intense, but it wouldn't do anything unless you were snorting a flame at the same time

    now if you lit it and snorted the smoke coming off from it, that's different. But i still don't see a point in that lol :smoke:

    wish that was in my posession. If i was rich & had that, i would drop that into a bowl & light it up!
  6. Are you sure? Doesnt your right nostril go to your brain, and your left nostril to your throat.. I'm not sure if that's true, but I think it would get you high either way.
  7. it doesn't do anything hes right, it just burns like a bitch and the drip is no fun

  9. I hope you're not serious..

  10. won't do anything if u rail it
  11. yeah, thc is heat-activated, hence why when you burn it you get high, or you cook it & can get high. Just like if you straight up ate a nug, it probably wouldn't do anything. Don't quote me on that part, but i know you need heat to activate the thc for it to actually get you high

  12. lmao!:hello:
  13. hahaha what
  14. lol THC wouldn't be mother nature's gift to us if we could blow it.
  15. I'm curious... what is that? is it a super dense super trich covered nug? because I don't know why I just can't seem to figure whether Its like not a hash nug or goo ball or something.

  16. Oh trust me, it was completely thc if you saw my other post you would know how I made it.
    (49.5 grams of hash/THC compressor/THC collector)

    And no, I'm not gonna rail it, I've smoked half of it already, saving up some more to compress and I'm gonna smoke the rest. :smoke::smoke:
  17. :hello:Wow man, THAT IS SOME AMAZING 5HIT!!!!

    but just sprinkle a lil bit on every bowl u smoke. definetly get u alot higher
  18. Oh, trust me it does. :smoke::smoke: Especially on some black hash :)
    That one piece needs to be cleaned lol, some good honey oil.

    Thanks for the replys guys, ++ rep.

    Here's my vape.. :smoke::smoke:


    Cost me $250 Canadian.. Just blaze!! :smoke:

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