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    long story short would 13 hours light a few days a week be harmful to flowering plants
  2. 12/12. Buy a $10 timer.
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  3. lol ok i have a timer already
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  4. would it be safe to run 14amps through a 15amp rated timer or should i use 1 timer for each light?
  5. Post the question to your new grow journal. You'll get a better response there.
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  6. Use it. 12/12.
  7. I run 12.5/11.5. If there weren't any sativas in there, would run even longer.
  8. Hello Goodfella,
    It is generally not safe to run 14 amps through a 15-amp rated timer. The timer is rated for a maximum load of 15 amps, which means that exceeding this limit can cause the timer to overheat and potentially cause a fire.

    It is recommended to use one timer for each light, or to use a timer with a higher amp rating that can accommodate the load of both lights. This will ensure that the timer can safely handle the electrical load without causing any safety hazards. Good Luck. Peace Out
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  9. If I'm not mistaken didn't you say you was a electrician, I was so to your question no not safe.
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  10. 13/11 sure its safe . You can also do 14/10 . Bigger yields takes two weeks longer . I like 10/14 shaves a week off or more slightly smaller yields about 20 % . To go from 12/12 to 13/11 and back to 12/12 as long as the time is extended an hour yeah it will be safe .
    I did autos even under 10/14 after they started to bud . Very fast harvest
  11. Enjoy - A 2023 study.

    In summary, our results showed that distinct varieties can exhibit markedly different responses to changes in photoperiod length, and the standard photoperiod for the flowering phase of 12L:12D is not optimal for all varieties. In particular, cannabinoid yields (g cannabinoid plant−1) can be more than doubled by increasing the photoperiod during the flowering phase from 12 h to 14 h, as demonstrated by the Cannatonic line, with the increase in cannabinoid yields driven by gains in both flower biomass and flower cannabinoid concentration. A 14L > 10L photoperiod also achieved a strong yield benefit which utilises the same number of light hours as 12L and therefore incurs no extra electricity costs. For one high-THC line, a 14L > 12L photoperiod increased THC yields by 49%, driven by a gain in biomass only (no change in % THC), whereas a second high-THC line did not show any significant differences. As this treatment also benefitted Cannatonic, this may be the best “all-round” treatment optimal for mixed cultivation and untested varieties.

    Moving Away from 12:12; the Effect of Different Photoperiods on Biomass Yield and Cannabinoids in Medicinal Cannabis
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  12. I'm taking about using 13 amps on 14 amp timer.
  13. AGREE, buy a cheapo timer, make it easy on yourself. would 30 minutes either way light/dark in a 24 hour period matter all that much???? If it feels right do it, if it don't work out, DON'T do it again. :confused_2:
  14. I will get another one
  15. It's only because my situation at work and getting airflow I can't run an AC so I manually air out my space been doing it forever without trouble but summer is coming and them bulbs get hot prefer to turn them on manually but can use the timer to turn them off
  16. Ditto, kinda. with a 1/2 bathroom sized grow room & an outside door, opening & closing the door a coupla times should exchange that air, right? I now have an external air source but just sayin.
  17. I'd get 2 timers.

    The general rule of thumb with electrical is "Only use 80% of the rated capacity of the wire/device if you're using power continuously". Since they'll be in continual use for 12+ hours I'd get 2.
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  18. I'd run the lights on at night during the summer if heat is a concern.
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  19. I live in the UK and if I was running 14amp, that would be over 3kw, I would never run over 1kw off a single timer

    Timers are cheap why take the risk, if they break you could lose the crop.

    somtimes it can get hot in the flower room, time of year,time of day etc
    Timers can overheat in warm flower rooms.

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