11,000 cash. what car should i get?

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  1. right now im sooooo torn. there are some many cars out there to choose from. i think i want a manual transmission. something kind for small. i kind of like the the 08 civics. impreza wrx...any other recommendations?
  2. You could do quite a lot with 11 grand. I'm going to wait and see what everyone else says.
  3. tell me about it man. tell me about it.
  4. i'm a sucker for newer jeep rubicons (sp?)
    and wrx's. i had one as my first car.. damn i miss that thing.
  5. A WRX would do you fine. Pretty damn quick, good in any weather condition, long lasting engines, easily upgradable (and can be made faster than an STI while spending less overall), and they're one of the sexiest 4-doors out there.

    Neon SRT4's are pretty sick as well, though the WRX reigns supreme over it. If you get a Civic, go with an SI; unless you plan on swapping the motor. Non vtec motors are weaksauce.
  6. get something reasonable. and then spend a little cash to make it how you would like it. and then spend the rest on yourself!!! :cool:
  7. Get a WRX like others have said. They can be had easily for $8-9500 and they are great. Try to find one either stock though, or off of a true Subaru enthusiast. That way, it will have been taken care of. Either way, I would only do a private party deal, no dealer shit. They don't know shit about the cars they sell anyways.

    And I don't know what car you are coming from, but learn how to drive AWD if you get an AWD car and decide to have some fun. When I first got into my WRX, I didn't really know how to handle/drive AWD, and I ended up snapping my tranny twice, and if you don't do the work yourself, they are expensive to rebuild.
  8. I agree with this, but make sure its a manual because manuals are the only way to go! :D

    Impalas are sweet cars, they're fairly quick, and they get pretty good gas mileage for their power. I think an 04 v6 manual gets around 30+ mpg.
  9. pontiac g8's are sick, especially if you throw a nice pair of shoes on them.
  10. get a bmw e36 m3

    around 300 hp cost about 8-9 grand


    mitsubishi 3000gt vr4

    has twin turbo chargers

    similar price ^
  11. get a beamer *****
  12. audi a3 or a4
    bmw m3
    mitsu vr4
    evo IV
    older nissian 240sx and use remaining $ to hook it up
    porsche 944
  13. in4shenanigans

    OP, i vote bimmer. you could pick up a fuckin' mint s5x swapped e30 for $11k.
  14. mitsubishi lancer.
    'nuff said, that 4 banger will pull on any heavy chevy impala v6.
    Even the civic is better then a impala. (IMO) I'm an import kinda guy.
  15. A nice red mustang with silver spinnin rims... saw one the other day and was so jealous.
  16. well if you live in a seasonal area get a wrx, like everyone else has said. Im assuming you want something that fits 4 people?
  17. def want a 4 person
  18. e36 M3

    944 s2 vert

    944 turbo

    e36 328i vert
  19. mitsubishi eclipse
  20. i got my S4 for 11 grand. twin turbo, leather interior, 6 speed. look for one of those

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