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10x5x6, 1800 Watt, Cinex Blue City Diesel

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by awek420, Dec 29, 2014.

  1. Would there be any point doing this now as the side branches wont have enough time to reach the canopy and get blocked for light. Or do you know if the strain would have that stretch to it.

    Apart from that some 2x4s with hooks to hold your nets. You might need individual nets as one whole unit would be murder to keep pruned etc...
    I think most people will say dont and let them be. Good luck though !!!
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    I've already got a large frame made from PVC. Can make it any height I want, so I can tinker with it. I'm more using it as a support net and less as an actual scrog net. I used bamboo poles last time and didn't like it. Figure the net will crop the plants out a bit and then hold my branches up as the buds get heavy. I know, and have known for awhile now, that a true scrog was out of the picture because I didn't do it early enough. But a big ass net bushing the them out a bit and holding up buds later, should work just fine lol.
  3. Unless someone has a better idea on how I should support them?
  4. Sounds good man !!
  5. Subbd up these babies are beautiful! Love the big set up try and keep updated if you can Subbd up :)

    Peace xD
  6. Here's an update!

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  7. mwuahaha loving the greenery you have me in awe!

  8. Upgraded my ventilation system. Figure for flowering I'd need a bit more fresh air. Now I have 2 separate 6" fans for exhaust, and 3 separate 4" vents for intake. And the lights (on a dedicated system) now get cold air on their intake. 
    This picture shows the lighting systems air intake, one of two 6" exhaust ports, and two of three 4" intakes.

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  9. Anyone have any tips on how to light proof the ends of their ducting? I put black foam filter things over them, and it helped but didn't fix the issue. I thought about spray painting the inside of the ducting hose flat black, and of course I know more ducting with a loop in it to would do the trick, but I don't have any more ducting to work with.
  10. A cardboard box on the end with some holes to let the air escape ? Could work !
  11. I think that would restrict too much air flow unfortunately :/ I need it to be nearly unaffected as far as back pressure goes.
  12. If you had two 90degree plastic turns(put together so it goes back on itself) would that affect the pressure and/or would the direction of the exhausted air matter ? Youve got my brain in overdrive cos i never thought about the loss of pressure when im thinking of finally diving in the soil !!
  13. Update 3/25/15
    1st picture is Blue City Diesel.
    2nd and 3rd are Cinex.
    4th is all.
    Anyone ever have Cinex turn pink/purple on them? As they're starting to flower, the calyxes I see are pink, as with the base to many leafs. It's not cold, nor over stressed. The diesel is nice and dark green, no signs of any other coloration. Never grown either strain, so not sure how they normally should look lol.

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  14. What do you guys keep your humidity at for flowering? I'm riding at 35-45% but it stills feels a bit humid when you sniff the air.
  15. Where you are at mate is perfect, 40% around there and you're golden :) Place looking great man..

    You talking about the Calyxes, probably just genetics/pheno, that's my first assumption anyway

  16. Ok cool. I think I just needed some fresher air, I added a couple booster fans on intake, and added another exhaust to the room. Feels fresher now.
  17. Yh man sounds like you got it sorted :) How many plants altogether you got in there?
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    6 of em. 3 Blue City Diesel, 3 Cinex.
  19. Thats sound man, smoked either strain before?
  20. Haven't tried the Blue City, but Cinex is probably my favorite strain. Haven't grown either before.

    Gave em a big breakfast last night (lights on at night), when I checked on them this morning before lights off, they were pointed straight up at the lights lol. Happy gals.

    Here's a partial view of 2 of the Cinex.

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