10x5x6, 1800 Watt, Cinex Blue City Diesel

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  1. Room: 10'x5'x6' Tent
    Lights: (3) 600W Hoods
    Nutrients: Canna Terra line.
    Supplements: Silica Blast and Cal-Mag+
    Current Strains 12/29/14: Cinex and Blue City Diesel
    Just picked up 6 clones a few days ago, time to start cropping and topping to get them ready for SCROG.


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  2. I am deff subd and will stick around. I have a very similar project going right now. 5x10x6 tent but I have 2 thousand waters instead of the three 600's. Flora series nutes with calmag supplement. I have some 3 day old critical kush seedlings. Come check out my grow if you want and we can help each other out. I also plan on scrog and have my nets already set up for that. Deff interested in seeing how it goes for you. Any questions let me know and good luck. I'll be in here.
  3. Dayummmn. I need a 2nd bedroom!
  4. Very nice but to keep temps down i would take the ballasts out of the tent and put them close to the floor....heat may accumulate @ top of tent. Other than that youre on your way
  5. It usually ends up being too cold lol. Low temps are the norm here on the Oregon Coast. I run a heater all day during veg, and all night during flowering. And with dedicated cooling for lights, and separate dedicated air intake/exhaust for the room, temp control is pretty easy anyhow. But thanks for the tip man!
  6. Lookin' nice, brother!
  7. Thanks man!
  8. Looks great, very close to my setups only yours is about 1 foot wider and 2 longer.
    How long do you plant to veg?
  9. Idk, somewhere between 5 and 6 weeks depending on how growth is. 
  10. Happy New Years all! Time to transplant these lil suckers and give em a good feed!
  11. By the way, for anyone wondering, this setup cost me about 1200. That's for everything. The tent, all the lights, dehumidifiers, ventilation, fans, nutes, pots, dirt, timers, etc. 
    I like that number. Cost me like 1900 for all my stuff :/
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    Ummm Im gonna saayy...~1500 for me
    But trying to order supplys in Canada sucks so I went to the only hydro store in this shitty town and he charges up the ass
  14. That's the same as around here. Same stuff I got online is double or more priced at my local store. But they are really good people and I don't mind helping them out a little bit. But most of my business went online.
  15. I drive 100 miles round trip for a lot of my grow supplies, as there is a hydro store that will match or beat any price, even web prices. He will take competitors returns even. And he is STOCKED! Gotta be 15+ pallets of different mediums, shelves and shelves of nutes, lights tents, fuckin everything lol. Awesome guy, awesome place. 
  16. Update 1/6/2015
    Clones have taken root in their new homes, and are settling in nicely.

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  17. Hello, How big is your screen area ? 6 plants that you have their are going to get big real fast and you will run out of room.
  18. [SUB]You need to get them under your net soon their already going to be hard to get under how tall they are now.[/SUB]
  19. Update 3/15/15.
    I'm 5 days into flowering, vegged 10 weeks.
    Holy. Damn. I've never vegged this long, they are beauties :)

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    I'm actually gonna be attempting to throw a scrog net over these.. waaaaay late lol.

    Anyone have any tips on how to get a net over these monstrous plants?

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