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10x20 Solexx greenhouse medical grow

Discussion in 'Greenhouses' started by jscruggs420, May 19, 2011.

  1. I built a large custom greenhouse in my back yard this spring, had problems with heat and installed a custom wet pad wall and 6800 cfm of fan. Installed solexx rolls in the 3.5 mm let's through 75% light. Right now I have a few plants in veg and already had a small spring harvest. I can post pics if any one would like to see. Thank you
  2. You don't have to ask twice when it comes to seeing someones bud porn...:):smoke:
  3. The custom evaporator system sounds cool. Any inconspicuous pics? (Don't use your Iphone)
  4. Took some pics to help show the wet pad system and ventilation setup
  5. Post it up, i'm sure others would like to see.
  6. please post pics. posting pics helps us learn the good and the bad. plus I'm gonna do a greenhouse grow soon and would love to see your greenhouse setup. And it can help you too.
  7. been trying to upload pics

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  8. more pics today

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  9. more:hello:

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  10. nice very nice outdoor is by far the best good work!
  11. Just sampled some blue widow :)
  12. looks great man sub'd keep up the green work =]
  13. Nice grow man. You been light depriving those girls that are flowering?
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    Blue moonshine is the blue version of the widow family.. Is that the one or is there another I'm not aware of?

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