10th week of flower and still white pistils ):?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by jayson33, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Im growing the strain cheesewreck outside and about 80% of the pistils have turned a nice amber but there are still white ones in the plant and today is the 10th week of flower, im going to try to take some better pictures tonight but any reason why its not done already?
  2. Pictures would be great, do you know if it is a sativa dominant or a indica dominant.
    It sounds like it may need another week or 2 But it is basically impossible to tell without pictures. :)
  3. uploading them as we speak its a sativa dominate
  4. Still having some white pistils doesn't mean the plant isn't done. You would have to harvest over-ripe to have all the pistils change color. Have you checked the trics? That's the way to tell if it's ready.
  5. trics are still clear ):
  6. the 100percent way to tell is quick dry a small bud and test it. the cure will improve taste and smell but not so much the potency
  7. alright, is there any "fast" way to dry a single small bud?
  8. She looks ready, with Sativa'a i would give them another week but that's optional is your case. :smoking:
  9. forgot to say these pictures are outdated by a week, cant get pics of it right now.
  10. set it on something warm...tv,cable box,top of refrigerator,...I use the top of my light. but anything that is warm to the touch. now its not gunna taste all that great but it will give u a good idea what's its like

  11. I would harvest then, but have you flushed watered with just water for a week also if you want a sample then break of a little nug rip it into small pieces and leave out in the air to dry.

    Trust me this is the best method ;)
  12. the last time I used nutrients were on Saturday of last week and Ive just been watering them with pure water. should I fill up their pots with water and just let them drain out before I cut it down?
  13. Water them now and chop in about 3 days. If there's even traces of nutrients in the plant then it will be really harsh and effect the taste.
  14. alright, thanks for all of the help

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