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10mg of Ambien

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Jimmy McBong, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. A friend of mine hooked me up with a 10mg of ambien. I have never done it (fight off the sleep and enjoy the trip), but my friend has ingested them orally, snorted and smoked them. He has told me about his experiences so i know what to expect, but only to extent. Can you guys on GC please tell me about what im going to experience. talk about your experiece if you have done them. Also, tell me about the side-effects that will happen for the next couple of days after i take it.
  2. Your going to need more then 10mg. I took probably 15 1mg blue circle pills and had extreme visuals, very fucked up.. posted up in my bed with a flashlight and my black light on.

    Not a great recreational pill.. but I guess its better then who ever it was taking Neurotin.
  3. dude ambien doesnt come in 1mg bro. OP just take it and see what happens but you HAVE TO take it on an EMPTY STOMACH. you can snort it but really thats fiendish (been there).
  4. I tripped off it once. I didnt go to sleep and just stayed up. I had some crazy visuals and I have to admit it was fun as hell forgot how much I took though
  5. Shit fucks you up bro... don't talk to anyone important because you'll be an asshole... no doubt.

    I woke up the next morning to find some nude pics from a girl I met online the night before hahaha... sucess. It gives you 0 axiety, which is kinda bad/

    Then again i took a 20mg CR crushed so idk.

    And yeah it fucks up mad bad... hallucinations and shit lol... my boy smoked weed out a pipe in the mall once because he was fucked up on it.
  6. dude its a fun ass trip though. First time i took it i got the hiccups and tripped that my hiccups were actually a purple jar in front of me. If i begged it enough it would go away. After about an hour i did. then i ran into my parents room and told them to get "theses damn purple dogs the fuck out of my house". I was 15 at the time.

    Great trip besides that though
  7. It is fun my mom was the one that gave it too me. I didnt know I would trip if I stayed up and I did and loved it. I asked for more the next morning lol
  8. I love ambien. 10mg is a good dose for me, and personally, it doesn't even make me tired, as long as I don't lay down or anything. But I've been to parties on it and been completely out of my head.
  9. I remember i took some ambien to trip a little (nothing better than weed as a catalyst btw) in my room before bed, and then i got a call that i had to pick my mom up.

    I drove like a zombie miles away to get her at my sisters, picked her up, and proceeded to expose her to my filthy, hippie, aphex twin music on the entire ride back.

    When i was with friends and took ambien during an L ride, i would have to be walked like a dog to places, say a diner or something afterwards. Nothing more fun than xanax with friends though, you completely zombify.

    Pills are dirty.
  10. how do you get this stuff?
  11. it's perscribed for insomnia...
  12. Said it before and said it again,


    Eating them is ideal, but snorting is not as bad as smoking them. Do anything but dont smoke them man.

  13. Yep the round blue ones are 12.5 mg extended release pills, not 1mg pills. ALWAYS, i repeat ALWAYS, look up a pill before you do something stupid like think your taking 15 mg's and end up taking well over 100.
  14. Man how the fuck are people talking about crazy ass visuals when I took 30mg before multiple times and wasn't nearly as fucked up?

  15. did u have them because you were prescribed to them and had been taking them before that? or did u just get them from somebody?
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    I'm prescribed. I took 20mg my first time using them and had very mild hallucinations such as things blowing up then forming back to its original shape, nothing serious. Thats about all I ever got out of them. I've had double vision before too and when my friend was driving me around I also had double vision and couldn't see where the roads were forming basically I couldn't see shit from 10ft away.

    I've never had anything like my hiccups being in a purple jar, nothing major. I wish I could experience that but I do not think ambien has the power to do that IMO. Unless I naturally have a tolerance for it.
  17. thats messed up. i see how your talerance would be high if you regularly took them but thats mufed up. maybe different people have different tolerances
  18. When I triped I only took a 5mg. I guess I just have a low tolerance
  19. You need a lot more than 10mg if you're trying to trip. 40-50mg is good, but you won't remember a thing.
    Very low, that's how much my mom used to take at night to help with insomnia.
  20. thanks for all the info guys, but what are the next day side effects?

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