10mg Diazapan

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  1. Generic Valium

    Just took 1 and 1/2

    and let me tell you. I like this. Would this be an opiate?

    I'm getting very strange feelings. A small tingling in the pit of my stomach, lights seem to dim low then get bright. and.....i have to shit? lol.

    Im just hiiiiiiiiiiiigh. anyone else just floatin right now?

    oh yeah, i got 1 and a half left, should I save it for tommorow? I have a job interview in the morning at 11am, so i dont think i should take it tonight lol
  2. That would be a benzo (benzodiazepines).

    And yeah, they are used to sedate you, feel relaxed as fuck n' whatnot. I love them to death.

    Also, no, it would not be considered an opiate.
  3. take em tomarro night and then uc an jus relax again:)
  4. use goolge god and no its a anti anxiety drug dont take alot check erowid for doseage i wish i could get that shit :(
  5. You can get it easily.. Just go to a psychiatrist and they prescribe it to you like it's nothing. But yeah, don't overdose n' shit or take it with alcohol, shit'll fuck you up.

    I take Klonopin so I couldn't tell you a safe dose.. Since I don't know Valium that much.
  6. I took 15mg. Im feelin good. I wanna take the other half cuz idk...i just do. but i dont think im going to. Its been about 25 min since I took em. I'll check out that site and see if its cool if I take the other half and make it an even 20mg lol
  7. i snoted over 10mg of zolpidem and drank a bear... but im definitely in some high that i've never really had before

    did that make sense?

  8. haha usually when im on benzos after an hr i usually want to take more.
  9. do you teach people how to surf? or would you show me some stuff...

    i live in florida and i hate not being at the beach... i also noticed you toke and shiit
  10. It's been 2 hours. And I've done 6,

    I'm in the most amazing place right now. but here's another question.

    I dont plan on doing this so SO IM NOT ASKING FOR HELP


  11. Snorting is a waste. Dont get high that way. Just chew that shit up and swallow it.
  12. I can take like 80mgs of valium and only feel it a little.
  13. With Benzos, tolerance builds very fast. I had my first experience with Diazepam last Sunday, I had only one generic 10mg blue pill and it sent me into a great, long sleep, with a nice hour long period of complete relaxation before drifting away.
  14. Took 15mg last week, i love that shit. Makes you feel so amazing, and you don't have a care in the world.
  15. Heh, now you probably know why people call valiums "mothers little helpers"

    Love 'em, I get 120 a month, but mine are yellow 5mgs, so its only like 60 blues. But for some reason its like 2 5's make me feel better then 1 blue.Maybe its in my head.

  16. isnt "mothers little helper" speed pills?
    correct me if i am wrong:cool:
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    ^ You're wrong. Valium was called "mother's little helper" since it was widely prescribed to housewives and they would pop those suckers (a.k.a. "the little blue pill") with a highball and mellow out while the kids screamed and the roast cooked.

    I think Aerosmith or the Rolling Stones made a song called "Mother's Little Helper" after it.
  18. ya 15mgs valium is funnnnnnnn. i eat these all day. you got them blue ones?
  19. i love valium, for it's rec and med values.
    i recently found out they prescribe them for IBS, and i need to go visit my doc again to get prescribed something for my horrible IBS(my intestines must be wayy too small or somethin) that way it'll ease my muscles so i can feel relief from my IBS, lessen my anxiety, and help me go to bed at night which is 3 huge things i could really use right now. i'll prob get muscle relaxers thrown at me tho lol
  20. ^^ Go for the soma! It's honestly my first or second favorite drug, you can't beat that drunk but clear headed feeling. ;)

    Valium is an alright drug, but it's not very strong or noticeable to me.

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