10g's of Shrooms?

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  1. Supposed to be getting 10g's of shrooms for $45 tomorrow.

    It was gonna be 10 a gram but this guy didn't give us near what we payed for in weed last time so he's giving us a deal.

    Can anyone post a pic of around 10g's of shrooms so I know if I'm getting ripped again?

    I have no experience with shrooms so I don't know how to estimate the amounts.
  2. tripple this[​IMG]
  3. How big they are is highly dependent on how much they are dried, their variety, etc. I'd say 10gs is about 2 handfuls though. Or if you're holding them it should have a little bit of weight to it, but not much (but then again, I'm really baked, and I realize that that won't make sense to anyone else, I've just gotten used to weighing shit so I can eyeball/feel to an extent).

    haha, hope that helped
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    these are completely dried
    (cracker dry, they should snap when you bend them; otherwise youre getting ripped)

    10 G's exactly
    well 10.01/10.00(flickered between the two)

    seriously, invest in a scale man
    i bought this scale for 9$(including shipping costs) off of ebay
    and it weighs to the hundredth(.01)

    here i did the work for you
    this one is $10.94 including shipping
    same scale i have

    first is on the scale
    2nd is a depth shot
    3rd is in a bag
    4th is the depth of the bag
    5th is another of the bag

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  5. 10grams should be a nice fat sack. Have fun!!! :D
  6. Damn thanks guys.

    Yea I'm planning on getting a scale sometime soon.
  7. why dont u just ask him to weigh it out in front of you...is that so hard???

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