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10gs for 280?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Sammylowkss, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. Was offered 10 grams of wax for 280, what do you guys think? Does that sound right or a rip off. I've bought 2 grams before at 35 a g, it was good quality
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    Its a good deal but for the jokes try to go lower. Lol.
  3. thought you meant bud.. of wax thats a decent deal
  4. 7 bucks off gram by gram... maybe.
    Someone with wax experience should chime in. I have no dealings with it. Talk him down to 250
  5. Holy shit dude next time make sure you put WAX in the title lmao.
    I saw the title and nearly had a heart attack. I've never bought wax so I wouldn't know the prices but by some of the other replies it seems like you got a decent deal.  :smoke:
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    Yea @ 28/g thats good if its decent wax. Thats a deal I would make for some killer wax I'm not in a medical state on the east coast not sure about other prices.  Myself wouldnt spend much more than $30/g for decent wax from where Ipickup. I know of prices $50+ but I wouldnt when I can get 2x for the price
  7. all depens on quality 28 a gram is kinda bad if ur buying in bulk like that. but if bho there is like 60 a gram its not a bad deal. i wud ask for 20 a g nd if not go to 25 a g. but get a pic first. it might be shit and not even worth $1 a gram
  8. Definitely seems like a good deal IF IT'S LEGIT. 
    28/g for wax... I'll take it, considering I get med buds for 15-20/g, 28-30/g for wax isn't much more.
    I would do it.
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    I have no xp with wax so I have no idea on prices. But like I said I pay 15-20/g for green, so an extra 5-10 isn't much too me.
    But then again my dealer is my roommate so I never have to go anywhere, just walk out of my room and ask for/front a g lol.
  10. If you are in a non medical state that is a great price if the product is good. Post pics

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  11. take a pic nd post it. is it oil? is it budder is it shatter? what color is it. is it green, brown, black, gold?  if ur paying 15-20 a g for weed. then 30 a g prolly isnt bad at all. what state are u in?
  12. depends on the wax. Does .05 do what .2 of weed would do? If so then yeah...hella good deal.
    It'd be 120/8th here but I don't like to fuck with buying wax. Starts to get a bit sketchy when you move up the chain.
    I'd try and find a trim connect if I were you and make your own. Or just make it from good bud and end up paying quite a bit for it if you can't find trim...still you know the quality and you don't have to fuck with wax dealers.
  13. be a real nigga and take that shit for free
  14. Ehh that's kinda a lot IMO just depends on the quality(as with everything) I'd ask to try some and go from there. Wax isn't like weed it can severely vary in quality and you can't just look at it and be able tell. I wouldn't pay more than 200 either way. Unless it was some fire that was lab tested

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  15. I'd try it before I bought it. Make sure you can see through it. That it doesn't spark when you dab is imporant as well.
  16. 10g of wax for 280 sounds reasonable, especially if you know it'll be good.
  17. do it do it
  18. Good price considering wax is 45 a g in Michigan
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     Right on, I've spent $50/g for Cali wax that turned out to be real crap I mean it almost didnt get me high at all after 3-4 dabs was just crap but claimed to be very good, it was dark oil didnt really have a scent,  a little butane crackle, on the other hand I put down 30/g for killer golden ear wax 1 dab will do ya and itself smells like pure cannabis pussy and vaporizers like steam but this guy has a good closed system he perfected for years.
    I just think theres too many variables with so many ways to make BHO  you've got guys with multi thousand dollar closed system, chrome tanks straight outta a fuckin heisnberg lab style setup thne you've got guys blowing up their houses, right ways wrongs ways, not doing the right way enough and then processing it everything can be so different from the next.
  20. I read this question and thought you meant for weed not wax. I was ready to tell you that you got RIPPED OFF. Nah, 280 for 10gs of wax is good.

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