Discussion in 'General' started by ptownroll, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. I'm so high I can't even hit my vape correctly anymore and it sucks because I want to keep going

  2. Stoner problems...
  3. First world problem. but I feel your pain!

  4. [quote name='"Fenderkiller"']First world problem. but I feel your pain!


    Cause I got high
  5. Been there, a few times.
  6. I was gonna hit the vape, but then i got high :smoke:

    la da da da dadadada
  7. you can type coherently you can hit the vape ! go go go :smoking:
  8. ^ Agreed gogogogogogogogo
  9. Time to bust out the bong..
  10. I wish i was high..

  11. [quote name='"CaressaRosee"']I wish i was high..


    I feel the same it's been too long since I got faded. Soon...soon

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