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108 day t break-1 night of smoking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by turboxor, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. as the title says, 108 days without smoking, i plan on smoking once on tuesday (8/19) i get random drug tested every...i dont know when (for work) it is a crazy drug test that even tests for alcohol. i really do not know how much i will be smoking because i dont know where my tolerance is at. lets just say i will smoke .5 g's in one night. i am a 5'8" 155 pound 20 year old guy. any advice about how long it will take for the thc to get out of my system?

    also, i will update on how the 108 day t break affects my high
  2. Everyone is different, but if you are smoking just once, you should be good within days.
  3. should i also exercise, drink a lot of water, etc... any tips?
  4. Get all your flushing supplies ready

    Drink tons of Cranberry or Pomergranite Juice

    Work Out and Tons of Water

    Oh and enjoy the high !
  5. Get spicy thai food.. Like green curry. Makes you drink a hell of alot of water. and it taste amazing haha.
  6. flushing supplies?
  7. All of you guys have it confused, sorry.

    Dilution and getting the THC actually out of your system is 2 diffrent things,

    I quite for a while when job hunting, when i gave up i smoked 2 joints in 2 days. 1 Day later someone called me and said i had the job, i went for the interview 5 days later, drug test 6 days from the last time i smoked, and I passed
    i am 6 food 220Lbs. and i passed.

    THC is a fat soluliable, that means its stored in fat cells. If you are burnign fat it is realesed into ur system and excreted out like everything else.
    You will be fine as long as ur not tested 5 days or less after smoking 99.9999% of the time if U smoke less than 1once a month.

    the only thing i did prior to my test was when i pissed in the cup, to not use the first piss that came out, i used the middle and filled it up to the bare minumum line.

    What everyone else is talking about doesnt flush ur system, it dilutes the test, so u have less THC per amount of excretion. The water is just diluting the test not acutally gettin the THC out.

  8. yeah that helps, 6 foot, 220, so youre not a skinny guy either. that gives me hope
  9. No problem, also dont dilture ur self, cause it just raises a flag for the test. If u have to get a retest done, there much more strict.
  10. Plus rep for correcting me and the useful info
  11. Some jobs will actually except you if you fail your drug test for just Marijuana, you just tell them, I smoke weed sometimes, talk to them, if you're personable enough with them you'll get hired. I've seen it in many situations.

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