104 watt cfl 2700k

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by milcockjohn, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. Hey, I have about 104 watts of CFL bulbs 2700k and my plant just starting flowering a couple weeks ago is this enough light to grow a good amount of weed? if so, how much would you guess? It was some bag seed from some mids
  2. If it's 104 TRUE watts (not equivelant), than it'll do fine for 1 plant.
  3. it is. How much do you think ill yield
  4. Too many variables my friend. Only time will tell.
  5. id also like to know this bc my sour diesel will start flowering soon and i will also have about that amount of true wattage... keep us posted with pics on how your doing ..

    good luck
  6. Add a few more bulbs, you'll be glad you did. With CFLs many here say that 100 watts actual is the minimum, not the target, and I think even that is too low.
  7. ^ I agree. I always like to use 120W per square foot of canopy with CFL lighting. I just don't recommend it any more cuz too many people think it's too much. :rolleyes:

    I mean really... too much light?... pffft. :p

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