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103 post self dance

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by mooglekexin, Apr 9, 2003.

  1. aaaargh missed 100 :(

    ::does self post dance, cos doesnt know how well known moogle actually is::



    i give up
  2. LOL!!!!!

    Congrats Moogle!!!

    :::doing the 100 posts + 3 dance::::: :)
  3. lol

    weed tends to make you forget things, specially post #'s. lol

    anyway, congrats :D

  4. ^ what he said

  5. are those sonic the hedgehogs shoes?
  6. Congrats man!!!!!
  7. ::does the dance...all dizzy-like::

    Sorry, I'm tired, and I fell over a couple times :p
  8. :::doin the 103 dance:::
  9. aargh sonic turned brown and crazy !!!

    hehe didnt know if this would be recognised, thanks peoples.

    yum a warm fuzzy feeling inside... oh thats my belly-button hair :D
  10. congrats!!!!

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