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    I found this on the net and with that said there are a few on this list that could be deleted, revised or whatever.

    101 reasons to legalize cannabis

    1 Marijuana grows naturally. Making something that is natural illegal is unnatural.

    2 Marijuana is discriminated against by legislators that are too scared of being referred to as a druggie. Legislators won’t stand up for what they believe in, only the self interest of the corporations they represent.

    3 Marijuana does not cause death.

    4 Marijuana’s active ingredient THC is less toxic than nicotine.

    5 Marijuana is not addictive.

    6 Marijuana can be used to make hemp and other products such as paper (no more tree chopping) clothing, and rope. We can also make marijuana oil which can be used as a renewable fuel.

    7 Legalizing marijuana will cause a sudden drop in need for beer. Wine won’t be affected as much as beer. Beer consumption will plummet.

    8 There are more people in jail for drugs then there are other criminals.

    9 Marijuana is an issue of public health, not the police.

    10 Billions of dollars are spent on the war on drugs each year. IT destroy families and ruins lives.

    11 Marijuana being legal will cause a sudden drop in using other harder drugs such as methamphetamines, barbiturates, heroin, alcohol and cocaine.

    12 Alcohol and cigarettes kill more people a year than war.

    13 People still drink and smoke regardless of the warnings.

    14 Teenagers and children are lied to about marijuana by uninformed uneducated parents and propaganda.

    15 anti marijuana legislation and TV propaganda are funded by the lobbyists that have interest in alcohol and timber.

    16 cultivating marijuana will cause a spike in economic growth for more and more plantations of marijuana.

    17 the cultivation of marijuana will create jobs for low income families.

    18 the price of marijuana will plummet form 100 an ounce to 5 dollars an ounce

    19 The US government is losing billions in tax revenue.

    20 The US has more people in prison than any other country

    21 The US is a few trillion dollars in debt

    22 Marijuana can help HIV victims eat and sleep.

    23 Marijuana can reverse the effects of crystal meth by making the person hungry and tired.

    24 Marijuana does not impair your ability to drive as much as alcohol, however operating machinery driving and using power tools isn’t a good idea while using the plant.

    25 Congress was lied to by yellow journalism

    26 Marijuana is legal in Amsterdam and is on the way of being legal in Canada. Both countries have far less crime than the US.

    27 Marijuana can be fermented into alcohol which burns cleaner than oil.

    28 Africa can be the world’s largest supplier of hemp.

    29 The US can spend the tax dollars generated by marijuana to fund a universal public health care system

    30 Treatment of marijuana should increase instead of sending people to jail.

    31 Mandatory minimum sentences should be outlawed. MMS only hurt the innocent while protecting the self interest of corporations.

    32 Marijuana grows in the privacy of peoples homes ?

    33 Marijuana’s fibers are an economical god send.

    34 Marijuana use is in the bible. Genesis gave mankind the power over every land, sea, and animal. Not to mention every seed bearing plant. (Marijuana is a seed bearing plant)

    35 Marijuana is not a gateway drug.

    36 Marijuana does not cause cancer

    37 Tobacco users will still get their nicotine from cigarettes.

    38 By definition, Nicotine, Aspirin, Alcohol and THC are drugs. There are more drug users then there are non drug users.
    39 Marijuana and alcohol cause short term memory loss. Alcohol destroys your liver, THC doesn’t.

    40 Marijuana can be used to help alleviate pain and suffering humanely.

    41 People who don’t want marijuana legal have a drug of choice.

    42 No one cares about other peoples problems.

    43 Your teenager will try marijuana no matter what you do.

    44 Your teen has a better chance of dieing from alcohol or becoming pregnant then they do messing up their lives form marijuana.

    45 using marijuana does not support terrorism.

    46 Jamestown, Virginia had a law enacted stating that framers shall produce marijuana and sow the seeds everywhere.

    47 Jamestown, Virginia was created 20 years before the Puritans sailed to New England.

    48 It is human nature to seek pleasure.

    49 There are more people using marijuana than people know.

    50 Marijuana is used in world religions. Jesus Christ himself used the plant.

    51 Christians don’t know Jesus was a stoner.

    52 It is a plant. It is no more harmful than dandelions.

    53 There are anti marijuana commercials but never commercials for anti drinking nor are their commercials for anti cocaine.

    54 Cigarette companies are putting more nicotine in their products since more and more people are being killed and are quitting.

    55 It cost more to smoke cigarettes than it does to smoke marijuana.

    56 Marijuana can cure insomnia.

    57 Marijuana does not kill brain cells, it only blocks receptors.

    58 Marijuana will not hurt a fetus; it is not a good idea to have a child. Get an abortion and light up a joint.

    59 Marijuana does not lower your immune system.

    60 Marijuana smoke isn’t as bad as Cigarette smoke. Cigarettes have more carcinogens.

    61 You can not overdose on marijuana.

    62 Marijuana does not make you lazy

    63 It is rare to cause toxic psychosis, but this is rare and usual stops in an hour or so.

    64 Marijuana has the same potency as it does in the 60’s

    65 There is no supporting evidence to date that shows drug prevention is working. So far it seems to only increase curiosity.

    66 Marijuana increases heart rate and blood pressure more than cigarettes do. This is true. It doesn’t harden arteries like cigarettes however.

    67 Marijuana is offered to people by their friends or people they know. It is ok for these kids to say no and still be socially accepted. Most kids who try marijuana like it. Some shit their pants. Parents should talk to their kids at early stages.

    68 Pot brownies accidentally convert people to pot smokers. This is true in my case. I’m fat I will never turn down a brownie. I didn’t know it had ganja in it! Oh man I was missing out.

    69 Your parents tried marijuana!

    70 So did your grandparents!

    71 According to the NIDA, 1 in 6 10th grades use marijuana, 1 in 4 seniors of high schoolers use marijuana.

    72 Marijuana smokers normally hang out with other smokers. People pay a premium and party; the owners collect the benefits and have a great time. This is normal.

    73 Marijuana ranges in potency, it can be American skunker (grown in basements) or it can be white widow (the strongest known). White Widow is the rarest of weed, but if smoked, you will need a wheel chair.

    74 Marijuana can grow in most climates.

    75 Marijuana inspires painters to pain, writers to write, and musicians to music… or sing.

    76 Marijuana is fibrous meaning that its fibers can be used to manufacture textiles.

    77 There are patented machines that were designed to cultivate hemp which now remain useless since they are obsolete.

    78 Marijuana will make the US less materialistic.

    79 Marijuana is biodegradable.

    80 Marijuana is a renewable resource that can help us prevent global warming.

    81 Marijuana, if legal, will create a less of demand for harder drugs, thus eliminating cocaine.

    82 With a nationwide health care plan, and marijuana being legal, GSK and other pharmaceutical monopolies will lose billions!

    83 Marijuana can eliminate hostility in aggressive people. For example, if you were to give hostile criminals marijuana, they won’t be hostile.

    84 Psychologists could study deeper human motives while the patient was high on marijuana. This has since been stopped since the marijuana ban.

    85 The US government could have an economic overhaul if they legalized marijuana.

    86 how can people criticize something they never tried?

    87 Marijuana can create an agriculture spike in demand for labor, thus allowing more jobs for immigrants.

    88 Indoor growth in peoples houses will stop since technically it is not worth growing indoors if it were legal.

    89 The price of marijuana will drop allowing drug dealers to do something else.

    90 The US state stores, where they sell alcohol can sell marijuana as well.

    91 With the sudden drop in people in jail for non-violent crimes will cause states to have more revenue since they don’t have to pay to keep innocent people in jail.

    92 the extra funding grated to states will allow for increase treatment for addiction to harder drugs.

    93 If legalized marijuana will become the drug of choice over Cigarettes and alcohol.

    94 States with the extra revenue can place more funding into schools telling people not to do drugs.

    95 Job training can be provided to low income families with zero expense to the tax payers. All funded by the taxation of marijuana.

    96 States can make legislation stating that cultivation of marijuana should be regulated with a license to grow. Licenses will allow people to pay taxes on the marijuana they produce.

    97 Tax stamps can also produce revenue on states that are too large or to populated to regulate cultivation.

    98 Marijuana is an excellent party drug. For thousands of years mankind used marijuana as an intoxicant.

    99 Marijuana, despite what you heard, is a lot of fun.

    100 Marijuana is the only drug that, if made stronger, still can not kill you.

    101 Marijuana can create stronger family ties by relieving stress form the work environment.

  2. 102: People will stop talking about the reasons it should be legalized.
  3. 103-30981: Chuck Norris approves of marijuana
  4. hahaha
  5. 104 - people who are tired of hearing about others talking about legalization will find something new to gripe about other people doing.

  6. 58 Marijuana will not hurt a fetus; it is not a good idea to have a child. Get an abortion and light up a joint.

    What the hell? Children are bad?!?!? :eek::eek:
  7. #58 is a little out of hand, but whatevs!
  8. I stopped reading after #58. If the legalization of marijuana were up to people like you, then it would fail.
  9. "4) Marijuana’s active ingredient THC is less toxic than nicotine." - OP

    Actually I'm almost positive that THC is not toxic at all.
  10. shake it like a baby
  11. That list needs to be cleaned up a bit.

    Lots of redundant information posted and some of it doesn't even have to do with legalization.

    Also, what about marijuana curing more than just insomnia?
  12. "1) Marijuana grows naturally. Making something that is natural illegal is unnatural."

    This has actually bothered me for awhile... now I don't believe in god personally but... I've heard that in the bible it says something about "god giving all seed bearing plants to us" or some shit like that. Well if these christian politicians love god so much why don't they end this prohibition.
  13. #18 is hard to believe.
    I'd be stoned all day if that were the price
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    Great list! Even more impressive if you made it up by yourself, that definitely would have been frustrating for me, even though there are so many reasons to legalize, 101 is a dam lot to come up with!

    But people are right for some though, 57, 58, and 60 are on the right track but need to be corrected

    5 is iffy, maybe explain that it is not physically addictive, that caffeine in your coffee is more addictive

    For #12, here's a stronger example: Tobacco kills more in the US each year than AIDS, heroin, crack, cocaine, alcohol, car accidents, fire, and murder COMBINED!

    Or: Tobacco & alcohol kill over half a million in the US per year

    #18 needs some research done or a source cited lol

    For 43, possibly add that legalize will reduce availability to underage users

    Also, maybe talk about how the gateway theory makes sense and that by grouping marijuana in the law in a category with other drugs such as cocaine and heroin, marijuana prohibition is the real gateway to harder drugs (sorry if you did mention the gateway theory)

    And you titled your list '101 reasons to legalize cannabis', but i hardly saw any mentioning of hemp at all! Hemp is literally the most useful plant known to man, you can make thousands upon thousands of products from hemp and make them all in a much much cleaner and greener way than they are now. Ex: Hemp can eliminate global warming, acid rain, and

    There is NO tree or plant on Earth able to produce as much paper as hemp

    Just 1 acre of hemp produces as much paper as 4 acres of trees

    Hemp produces 10 times more ethanol than corn!

    Hemp breathes in more carbon dioxide (a main greenhouse gas) than ANY other plant!

    Hemp seed is the most complete, nutritious food source

    Hemp needs NO herbicides or pesticides!

    And idk if i missed it, but i didn't see very much about medical MJ. Pot is a miracle drug for many people, it is the only antiemetic that also increases appetite, it is a natural analgesic much less addictive than semi-synthetic opiate painkillers, the medical value of pot should be stressed more imo, including some facts about it could replace some of your... less fact-based reasons lol

    And sorry if i'm coming on strongly with the advice, i just really like your list and see a lot of potential in it, and its a useful opportunity when you've already compiled so many great points, I'm just trying to help fix up a few of the reasons, by all means do what you want with your list, you don't have to edit anything at all if you don't want to, because some very strong points are still made regardless and a classic '101 reasons' list was a very good idea and a very big task to undertake, excellent work!
  15. Awesome list, I read some of it and noticed 50 and 51.

    It should be taken out, I dont even think theres any reliable text to say he was even a real person in history. Im pretty sure he was real as a person, but there was also many proclaimed messiahs in that period of time (even today people claim theyre messiahs).
  16. I was just thinking about working on something like that of my own but having more cites than that. I agree, it needs to be cleaned up a bit but your heart is in the right place, I suppose.
  17. change 34 to something else because the bible is bullshit and means nothing :p
  18. marijuana is toxic, just in amounts way greater than that of water to kill you :)

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