101 days of flower and still growing

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Chongo mongo, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. Hi all, I have a Pinaple chunk I have had under a 400w Hps for 101 days now and she is still growing. In the last month she has grown new buds at the tops of each branch amongst the bulk that is already there. Most of the Trics are still milky white and the buds are skinny and weak looking. Looks as if she has another month at least but that would be like 130 days of flower? Whats going on
  2. Thats crazy dude, post some pixs.
  3. sounds like some bad genetics. another 30 days? that would be double the average flowering time. i think pinapple chunk is around that average timeframe.
  4. I have seen mixed flowering times, they say 55-60 days, I say bolloks and so does every one else who has grown it by the looks of my research. Its ment to be a Sativa so was expecting long flowering times but not double. She stretched like a mother fucker, still growing at day 50 of flowering. I have a clone of the plant that is also in flowering but only on day 55, She looks sweet with nice healthy fat buds ( much nicer than my big beast of a plant sadly) and has about 30% orange trics, so would say she needs another month too. Will try to get some pics on
  5. Still trying to upload pics, Should I chop the bitch or let her do her thing? I just dont want to pay out for another month if its not going to do any good but on the flip side I dont want to chop early if she is going to fatten up. If the plant is over the flowering time does that mean the crop is ruined?

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