100watt single led!!!

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  1. Hey so after talking with the manufactures of this 100w single led chip I've confirmed that I can get a red spectrum 650nm led 100w chip with ballast and all for 60bucks....I'm just on my phone posting this but if y search on Alibaba the huge Chinese website they got these but unfortunately the blue spectrum chip only comes in 450nm but imagine the penetration these fukers have...the similar chip used called kessils I believe only ACTUALLY uses like thirty watts true. I've done my research. I'm ordering three of these blasted chips... So get ready for a revolation! Never have I seen anything used this powerful for growing yet...only the 50w chips
  2. i recommend you stay off Alibaba, a lot of chinese scamers there
  3. That was a great find man. If I had the money right now, I'd be all over that lol. Keep us posted once you get the led's & how well it works. Are you using it for flowering?
  4. If you don't trust Alibaba, you can always try ebay lol.... I got several ultrasonic misters for my mushroom garden for like $2 each. Oh, and the packaging was VERY Chinese lol
  5. if you are handy with soldering iron you can make cheap led panels just need micro chip board leds and soldering iron leds can be purchased in bulk lots of car guys build custom led tail lights(red) and turn signals(yellow) pretty cool
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    Well man, i am actually "thinking" about using them for the whole group, seedling/clone stage, veg stage, flower stage. The only reason i'm saying that is based on the fact people use HPS for full grows...but will look into it more and let u know any different (being it has a wide spectrum), where as L.E.D is very narrow.

    Useless....those 1watt to 10watt chips they use, for like the UFO's and stuff are useless compared to these single 100w chips...think all the more penetration one will be gaining. It's like hanging christmas lights over your plants IMO...not to rag too hard on the lights (i know ppl use them and BUY them).....:( Its simple physics...inverse square law.

    Lol yeah the prices that some chinese manufactures use seems extremely sketchy....but obviously legit sometimes....baffles me how they do this.

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