100watt HPS?

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  1. hi i recieved 4 babies and i want to get them growing. i am going to buy a 100watt HPS light. is this good enough for 1-2 plants? or am i going to have to drop more than 150$ to get everything right? the HPS 100watt is 86$ at the store. i am only wondering if the 100watt is good enough to support 1-3 plants. are any CFL's or anything eles needed.?
  2. what size are these that you are about to get?
  3. Reflected right, 100w (possibly with supplemental CFLs) should be enough to support 2, maybe 3 plants depending on space restrictions.

    But you have to remember that when you get to a certain point, it gets cheaper to go bigger in the long run with lights. a 250w and a 400w cost about the same, so if you can go bigger it's better for you in the end to do so

    good luck
  4. 100w is pretty much perfect for 1 plant, and in a small space with a reflective enclosure, you won't need any supplemental lighting.

    I agree with qed if you plan to do 2 or more plants.. you'd be better off investing in a bigger light.
  5. You can get a 250w or even 400w HPS set-up for about $120. The 100w might be OK for now but gives you no room to expand in the future. I think you will save money in the long run spending a little more now to give yourself that extra capacity, otherwise you'll spend $86 now and then possibly that $120 in another year or two. Plus, grow under more light now and you will be rewarded with more yield starting from your first harvest.
  6. i will look for the 120$ one. they are like 2 feet tall so far.
  7. I just swtiched from using HPS to CFl's due to heat problems and must say I'm impressed with the results so far. I would say go to 1000bulbs.com and buy like 6 x 65 watt 2700K Cfl's. It will cost you about $100 and will give you approx 390 Watts of light with minimal temperature increase in you area. Plus remember, if your 1 hid lamp fails you are left in the dark. chances of all 6 bulbs failing with CFL set up is A LOT less.
  8. Get the HPS. Buy from a good dealer and it won't fail you, I guarantee it.

    In the long run: 1 400w HPS > 12 CFL's

  9. I got it from HTG Supply FYI. But if heat is an issuee and you don't have many options CFl >>>> HPS. Never said HPS was bad.
  10. Sorry, I missed the part where he had a question about the possibility of lamp failure and heat issues under a HID (does anybody not have to deal with heat buildup under a HID?).
  11. Yep, HTGSupply-dot-com has good stuff at good prices. There will be more heat with a higher wattage lamp, so before you buy it make sure you have a plan to deal with that heat.
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    To keep temps down for a cheap closet setup you're going to have to go with CFLs..

    Get HydroFarm 125W CFLs from a local shop or online. Hang it vertically and position the plants 2-4" around the CFL. You should have no problems growing most short/indoor hybrid strains (~2 feet max). The 200W CFLs aren't as reliable and just take up space, no real extra lumens.

    If the closet is fully enclosed with no venting, you'll probably want the closet to have a 6 hour dark period from say 1PM til 7PM. Run your fans continuously, but not directly on flowering plants.

    Works for SWIM. :smoking:
  13. 100W will be great for 1 plant.

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