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  1. Hi I have 250w of cfl one 400 hps one 1000w either or and two 400w MH. The other day I talked to my eltricien friend and he said he could get me half dozen of 100w hps light for 150. Is it worth my trouble.
  2. Bear in mind I am still on my first grow and only own a single 400W but I feel like by having 600 watts broken into 6 parts and placed strategically around one's grow space you would get better light distribution and a higher yield than even a 1000W bulb. Then again i could be mistaken and one definite set-back is that you would complicate your setup...your gonna have to weigh some things out but in my opinion I think I would go for it. can anyone with some experience chime in?
  3. Everyone of those bulbs would need its own ballast.

    Doesnt sound too apealing to me.

  4. good point
  5. this is my take

    low cost
    you can maximize your wattage
    grow more with less (because of above point)

    6 cords in your grow room
    potentially poor wavelengths and not good variety of bulbs (dealing with a housing that is mostly used outside of the growing industry)

    its a tough decision mate:confused:
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    I guess maybe not worth it he can also get me 400mh used warehouse lights the multi tap ones for about 25 a piece.
  7. ^And socket (mogul?). And wiring. And hood...
  8. their all in ones just plug and play

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