100w cob for 2x2 tent?

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  1. Hello
    I have 60cm*60cm*160cm ~(2'/2'/5'4''), currently using 250W MH/HPS.
    I want to switch to COB LED, mainly for heat and vents noise of the HPS.
    Do you think a 100w CXB3590 like this will be enough ? link
    Or should I opt for 200watt (2x100watt)?
    I am afraid the 100w is not strong enough while the 200w will be too strong/hot.
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    How about a quantum board? 1 would be perfect for a 2x2 tent. Or maybe this 200 Watt Citizen CLU048 Square Framework
    This is my 4x2 setup. It's a quantum board in the middle with 4 3590 3500k on the corners and 2 Vero 29 3000k 90 cri as well.
    20170624_215213.jpg 20170520_112107.jpg
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    Thank you.
    The citizen kit looks awesome, although a bit pricey with shipping.
    Do you have a recommendation quantum board?
    Your setup looks amazing, definitely gives me inspiration, but my budget is limited at the moment and shipping to my country is expansive.
  4. What country and what is your budget?
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  5. Check this out,
    For a 2x2
    How about seven of these
    BXEB-L0560Z-35E2000-C-A3 Bridgelux | Optoelectronics | DigiKey
    and one of these
    make a 1" frame with aluminum angle and flats and Robert's yer dads brother.
    finished about a $1/watt, 228 watts of Samsung LM561C diodes at 134 lumens/watt, up to 159 lumen/watt if you drive them at lower currents. Throw in a dimmer, Done.
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  6. I am from Israel, so shipping costs from China via sites like aliexpress or ebay is much cheaper than shipping from the U.S.
    timber growl ights charge 85$ for the citizen kit without framework, before duty/tax.
    my budget is up to 250-300$ with shipping.
    I dont need framework as I am reasonably handy and have equipment for making framework, but at the moment I leaning towards a ready made china light with cree like this
    or it's 200watt version

    I would welcome a similar priced DIY solution
  7. "Robert's yer dads brother'" ?
    Any chance you could explain more about "228 watts of Samsung LM561C diodes" ?
    A link to a reliable tutorial or thread would be enough.
  8. Honestly if i were you i would head over to the indoor growing> led lighting section on rollitup. They have a much better led community and more people posting about it there. I do like canadian1969's idea and you can see stuff like that over there. Indoor Growing
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  9. Go checkout KingBrite they have everything you need from cobs to Meanwell drivers to passive heat sinks at a super deal Cree CXB 3590 top bin$30-$35ea here's the link Shenzhen KingBrite Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. - PMMA lens,Led Module lens Jerry's contact is jl@kingbrite.cn No one can beat them in price on Cree and they ship worldwide.

    SAM_1580 (1).JPG
    SAM_1586 (1).JPG
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  10. Let's see that home made beast fired up.
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  11. Way easier than cobs, you will get it almost immediately. They are about $8 a strip, plus suitable driver. You can drive them with constant voltage in parallel or constant current in series. 561 diodes are SMDs (surface mount like in Quantum Boards/Sun Boards) and they have very good lumen/watt ratings.

    Yeah, like MonkeyAss said, check this one out. Perfect thread for you.
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  12. Thank you all for your help
    I decided to do a DIY project myself
    I've place an order, starting with 4 vero29 and some far red, and if/when I'll upgrade my tent, I'll add some bridgelux eb series , like Canadian1969 suggested.

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