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    After medical issues caused allot of damage to my throat, just over year later i am feeling allot better but am also still having allot of pain and at times difficulty swallowing food and liquids. I am a daily smoker and was before the issues started. Now about 3/4 of the high makes everything get worse and then fade back into how i was feeling that day before i smoke. (more details in my other thread - Link)
    I am now starting my first grow while i take a break from smoking for a couple months for the benefit of healing time and marijuana i grow myself to ensure it is clean and no chemicals are added  - like what can be found in street weed that may be hurting my throat.
    I will post pictures after the weekend of the grow box as i am working on it while my seeds germinate. the plan is a tallboy dresser for the grow box, the shelves removed to make an open area, small intake fan, bigger exhaust fan, inside lined with Mylar. 
    Strain - Alakazam Feminized
    Purchased from single marijuana seeds Canada
    Lights - 5 - 25w CFL 6500K Veg = 125w
                 6 - 23w CFL 2700K Flower = 138w
    Veg - 18/6 Flower 12/12
    Goal is to grow from a 4.25US Gal bucket and use LST to maximize the lights position (being CFL's rather than HID), rather than trying to awkwardly positions CFLs around a tall plant. 
    I chose to use the water cup method of germination. The seed was dropped into a clear cup of water and placed in a dark room  that's usually kept around 20 degrees Celsius. 
    I hope for this to be the start of a continuous grow (attempting cloning).
    The soil I purchased  was the only one in Walmart being winter(Newfoundland, CA) has nutrients in it, although it is really small amounts of the N-P-K ratio. 2-1-3. I know the best thing is to not have nutrients for a seedling so i will be flushing the soil a couple times for the starter pot and after a week or two of growth, start adding nutrients at 1/4 recommended dosage. 
    Will that work for the soil? I am hoping for this to be the start of a continuous grow (cloning) for my health. Any comments and recommendations welcome. 

  2. 500 views and no one knows anything about soil?
  3. You gave us a lot of information but much about the soil. Is it garden soil, potting soild, potting mix? Potting mix is what i reccomend. If it's garden soil, I'd reccomend adding perlite and/or vermiculite. Don't worry so much about the nutrients that are already added to the soil but next time try to find soil without them.
  4. I just got home and found a potting soil at the store with no added nutrients to use. My seed has been in a cup of water for 36 hours now. It hasn't sprouted but it did sink. How long should this take to germinate?
  5. Hey bro .I would plant the seed. The cup of water is bogus unless the seed was suuuuuuuper old and maybe had lost all its moisture. BUT if the seed is phresh, u run the risk of drowning the seed as it already contains moisture and should be directly planted about one inch deep in your medium. Enjoy your grow.Sent from my HTCEVOV4G using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  6. The seed sprouted last night and I planted it, moist soil and under cfl light. Waiting now to break soil
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    The soil will be fine for a while but if you want an amazing plant with amazing clones, get some fox farm and get some foxfarm nutes. Also black molasses work amazing for the leaves these plants love sugar.

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