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    well I have a 100ml ROOR like this:

    It's 9 inches tall about as tall as a 24oz water bottle
    do you think that I could get this to add to it?

    I'm worried it might be too heavy for the bong and tip it over...it isn't that heavy

    anyone had any experience with 100mls and ash catchers? :confused:
  2. My 250ml Ehle can't handle am AC on it's own, if that means anything.
  3. It will be too heavy, my guess. But the great thing about an ash catcher is it is removable. Take your hit, pull A/C to clear, and set bong down on table, followed by A/C. It has a flat bottom so you can easily do just this.
  4. Instead of buying an ashcatcher, you should get a diffused downstem and carbon filter for that piece. I wouldn't put an ashcatcher on that 100mL, its too tiny :bongin:

  5. This. Don't chance it with the AC.
  6. if you wanted an AC for that get a dry ash catcher. but agreed with stated above, carbon filter and a diffused downstem would be a much wiser purchase. or get a nice slide with a screen like a ben wilson, or a phx honeycomb
  7. to rokintreasr, the downstem happens to be 9.5cm which is .5cm smaller than the smallest diffuser I can find on the net. and carbon filters are more spendy than that ash catcher pictured in the OP. I like DrSheldonCooper's idea about just setting it down after I smoke the bowl I might just do that
  8. I had that A/C, got it when I was new to glass in like 2006, with a real small RooR, a little bigger than you're describing I think. It worked, but it's a real shitty A/C.
  9. I would buy a nicer AC that'll diffuse (that one probably just has straight tube)
    if you choose to go that route.

    Since it's small though, I would use a diffused downstem with a carbon filtered bowl.
    (can't wait for my roor carbon filter bowl to arrive! Only paid 35 bucks n comes with five grams of active carbon)
  10. 9.5cm is like 4 inches. and on many sites, including kultureva, they sell all sizes from 3 inches on up.

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