100mg mdma

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  1. is 20 a pop a good price for 100 mg pure mdma?
  2. yah sure its normal.
  3. Mmm. Depends. I can get a gram for $60-70.
  4. damm so its not good should i just get some bomb candy instead??
  5. I don't know how much it goes for in your area, but I'd recomend buying a gram and getting a deal. You'll also have more to work with and you'll probaby want to do like .3-.4 in a night. (.2 initial, +redosing bumps and whatnot)
  6. fuck man im short on cash rite now so cant get a gram but ill probaly end up getting it if i get some
  7. Depends on the area but $20 for .1 is standard, if a little high. But if it's really PURE MDMA then 100mg will have you rollin rollin rollin. [keep those doggies rollin, RAWHIDE!]
  8. i'm not much of a mdma user so i dont know these things.

    but for sure 100mg of mdma will make you roll hard?

    i got some white butterflys from a guy i know with a pill press and they are 100mg with nothing else in them.. and i'm sittin on alot of them.

    and what are prices on these usually? just curiosity nothing else :cool:
  9. Sure your dealer isn't lieing? would not be the first time
  10. You are from LA, you should definitely not be paying 20$ for 100mg of mdma.

    Just go out get some pokeball smurfs or something and fuck the 100mg of mdma, which is probably cut to 70mg or something anyways.
  11. 100mg's what I'd call a standard dose

    I ussually buy point capsules for 15 a pop.

    It is a decent dose for a beginner but 200 mg's is what I'd call a great time.

    I don't re-dose much because it takes so much but like barnkis said, 300 or 400 mg's if your into re-dosing

  12. wouldnt be the first time?? lol wtf was that about? well at least you got confidence, you're an alright dude.

    and no, they tested for mdma only. and it's not my dealer, more like a friend. but thanks for the concern.
  13. Dealers lie about their product all the time, I didn't mean you personally. I thought 100mg a roll sounded like a lot so I was a bit curious

  14. If they are only 100mg and nothing else, than that is an incredibly small pill, seems fake to me. But then again their could be some binders to fill space, but still 100mg would be a very smalll pressed pill
  15. $20 is a little pricey, but standard for .1

    i'd just go with buying a gram, which goes anywhere from $80-150 in the south east US
  16. I hope not these white butterflys
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    nope, i've tested them myself, they are mdma only. those arent even from the same region as me.. and i know who presses mine.

    just wanted to know street prices on 100mg mdma.
  18. It's a pretty standard price for molly, but then again pure mdma is some pricey shit...
  19. see if you can get a deal on .4 or something...

    snort that shit up!
  20. You cant press pure MDMA so you can be certain that there is SOMETHING else in them.

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