1001 muther fuc*ers!

Discussion in 'General' started by dirtydingusus, Nov 4, 2002.

  1. thats right folks i just made my 1000 post and it was in church btw

    so is there like a prize or a cake or something?

    i know nice try right

    no cake for you fat boy!

    (one day i will get the cake)


    at least take me here?

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  2. NO..but we can throw the frisbee....OVER THERE!! WHERE WE WILL MELT YOU INTO LIQUID!!

    my post tally is HIGHer than youuuuurrrssss.. nana nana boo boo!!

    not really tho
  3. real mature guys, I just passed 100, and I've been here way longer than both of you
  4. wtf, I'm pretty sure dirtydingusus was actually behind me in posts a couple months ago. Oh well, I'm coming up on # 420 soon, I guess that's a good reason to celebrate.

    Of course I wouldn't be behind if I mad a billion posts per thread like you guys.

    ow, my tongue hurts...
  5. hahaha yeah real mature guys.


    anyway I was reallllly fucked up the night I passed 1000. posting all kinds of crazy nonsense and kept looking, like ok im at 990..watch me get to 1000...thinking, pay attention, dont miss it! like every post up to 999 and then nex thing I know Im at like 1111! It was the night I was at church to...in the back pew..lol..
  6. Congrats, DirtyD and Sensi!!!!!

    You know, I always have something to say about these matters or matters kind of close to this like MrsD's dry spell....the whole lack of sex thing............so I think MrsD should bake you a cake, DirtyD! I really do!!!!!!!

    Sensi, if you want, I'll bake you a cake....or cookies.....or brownies.....whatever, I'll do it!
  7. cookies are always gooood...sooooo Ill be in the back pew if you wanna come by and we can maybe, you know....eat some cookies...
  8. Damn, I was just in church.....back pew, huh? I'll be there soon so we can get down to munching on.......well, you know......the cookies.
  9. mmmmm...

  10. Never have cookies been so irresistable......


    Way better than girl scout cookies...... ;)
  11. Looks like us fellas aren't needed in church any more.....

    Oh well guess I'll have to go to the strip bar!!!!
  12. I forgot to say congrads to dingusus and sensi.... STML has been knocking down my door today!!
  13. ummm what was i .....

    oh yeah !!! cake!

    mrs d does make cakes for me !!!!

    and you ladies in the back pew .....

    we almost got the web cams set up ...to start generating some profit in this church!!!

    live worship cerimonys ..........only 5.95 a minuet

  14. silly wabbit threads are for posting!!!

  16. I make him cakes all the time...fudge ripple even.... ;)
  17. makin biskits for church too.......
  18. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm biskits and gravy!!!!! hell yea

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