1000watts vs 600watts

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  1. Hello everyone i need some adivise here asap about choosing the right light and tent .
    Firstly i need help choosing wheather i should get 3 600watts hps or would it be better to get 3 1000watts hps.
    Would 3 600watts hps create alot of heat( i do have a ventilation)?
    Also if i do use 3 1000 watts would be obvisous that im growing cannabis if a polics helicopter comes
    Furthermore i need some help on what size tent needed to be
    If i get 3 600watts how big should the tent be also the size if i get 3 1000watts
  2. I don't do the tents, but I think 1000 watts is going to be too hot for one. It would be better to have a room with the amount of lights you are talking. I hope this helps
  3. 1 x 600 per 4x4 tent the thread is on here some where can't remember who was talking bout it but I was reading that it makes more sense using a 600w rather than 1k cause of efficiency if I find it I'll post it here and if your not legal and your planing to run 3x600w or 3x1k that's going to send a huge red flag to the electric company I'm not knocking you bro.... Just chipping in my 2 penny's

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  4. Is the police going to notice 3000w of light?

    I don't understand
    Is it it an open area?

    And 3000w of light is going to look like the god damn sun... even at 1800w
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  5. That's a lot of electricity, do you really need that much? How much bud do you need exactly? I get just under a pound from my 600w HPS every 3 months.

    A 600w will cover up to a 4'x4' area and a 1kw up to 5'x5' area. My 600 is in a 4'x2.5' area so in a 4'x4' you should be able to get more than a pound.

    3x 1kw lights is going to put out a significant amount of heat and could make you a target, but so will 3x 600w light, just to a lesser degree. Will you be running these in your home?
  6. If you really need a tent you can go with an 8x8 and 4x 600w. Or a 10x10 and 4x 1kw.

    Personally, I would opt for 2x 4x8 tents with 4x 600w lights, 2 in each. Run each tent's 12/12 lighting opposite the other so it appears to be one 1200w appliance constantly running, which isn't out of the ordinary. If you have a big open basement like I do then tents are useful for breaking up grow areas, and the 4x8's are only $200 each on amazon. I've had one for years with no complaints.
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  7. I switched from a 1000w to a 600w double ended HPS and I have been satisfied so far. I have 2 600w de in a 4x8 so each is covering a 4x4. Buds have great with the de and have more triches. You might wanna check them out and research before you buy.
  8. That's 1 serious appliance... Lol.

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  9. The whole thing will be determined by how many plants you're are attempting to grow with your setup. We run 1000 watt hps lights, 4 of them, which cover a room that is 14 x 9 or 10' quite well. Each light is good for flowering off 4, 5 and maybe even 6 plants...depending on the strain and how the plant grows. The plants LOVE hps lighting, but the issue is always heat. Four 1000 watt hps bulbs throw out a TON of heat. We had a small air conditioner (5000 btu) in the flower room with 2 of the 1000's, but when we added the other 2, we had to increase the size of the air conditioner and went up to a 10,000 BTU...and it still gets nice and toasty in there. If you're going to try and put that many hot lights into one tent, you better prepare for some major ventilation/heat challenges. However, on the up side, you will grow some killer buds since bud production is directly proportional to the light the plants get. More light produces bigger better buds....assuming you can keep your plants healthy.

    Put as much thought and effort into learning HOW to grow these plants as you do in preparing just the right setup. It does you no good to have killer equipment if you don't understand how to grow the plant...and it's definitely more complicated than tossing seeds in soil and watching the magic happen. If you're inexperienced, go to the "new grower" threads here on the forum and read till your eyes pop. There are lots of posts for the new inexperienced grower that contain the basics in the most simple form. Information is your friend at this point, so get all of it you can. Otherwise, you'll be a ball of stress over trying to grow this stuff. Good luck! TWW
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  10. It's a space heater, or a pc + home theater, or an air conditioner. 1200w will easily sail under the radar in an average house. When I ran 2kw worth of grow lighting my electric usage was just slightly higher than the average for my area (they tell us that on our bill).
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  11. Buy gavita pro DE lights that dial back to 600 and go to 1100. That way no guessing on heat output...just change the wattage or get a controller that auto dims or brightens the lights by room temp

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  12. Would it still be to hot if i put 2 1000watts hps? I dont think anything under 4000watts would be to hot or be suspicious to the electricity provider. Because most cannabis grower in the UK are gettinf buster with alot of heat im talking about 10* 1000wattshps minimum
  13. Also i will be using a air vebter reflector
  14. Yes i am planning to grow in my house in a tent

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