1000watt hps grow setup. hydrohut tent.

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by chronicbomber, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. hello everyone. my name is david .my girlfriend and i are planning a grow. heres the supplies we scrounged up..

    we got a deal on a 1000wHPS/MH set up. 2 bulbs. cool tube. digital ball. i really like the cool tube idea cause i know its best for heat.

    we also ordered a 6' x6'x6' tent. i have massey house fans for the room but i hadnt planned on any co2 yet. we are really about 2 weeks from growing. hopefully.

    so far ive planned on god bud.chronic.og kush.brainstorm haze. i can get these clones easy. but i was also thinking of ordering from attitude and growing from seed since ill have a 1000w mh. i was planning on finishing these plants in a 5 gal bucket. what do you guys think? this is just a basic idea to get us started. tired of payin for weed . we have a 10month baby boy who is just down right ridiculous. but also amazingly wonderful so it works out . its her and i and her parents who all love to blaze. wed rather just grow it ourselves.
  2. Things sound good, I was just going to let you know. The hps is the better of the two for flowering, and mh is better for veg growth. I have a 1000 watt hps, the lumens is 140000 and the buds I get are unreal (hydroponic bubbler grown). A great thing to read is the famous Grow Bible. Just type it in your browser and you can read the whole thing( with nice pics of fat buds) Good luck on your grow!:hello:
  3. ill look for that read. does anyone know a good promix recipie? or tea mix? please direct me to threads if you know of em! thank you for the help

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