1000watt hps flower chamber, 400watt mh veg chamber

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    Hello fellow growers and stoners, 

    I am in the process of getting my grow room and grow journal up and running. But there a couple of things I need to do first with my space 5ft tall 44 inches deep and about 7 feet long, 8-9 steps desending 8IN in every step
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] 

    Im thinking ill take some    e  pink panther insulation and cut it descending with the stairs. may staple black plastic on it too keep light out.  excuse my drawling skills but here how i think ill do it.  pretend the pink part is the insulation.  [​IMG]

    And I have to wait for my t 12s to Ship in for my veg room. I ordered 2 double socket t12 with 4 40 wattbulbs 2700k.

    And now lest talk about the plants. 
    I have one bubblelicoiuse the was/is suffering from root rot, It was in a hempy bucket (3 parts perlight 1 part vermiculight)  transplanted into a mixture of spangonuim peat moss and compost, today. I didnt even know I had root rot till I started to transplant and the smell was horrid. smelt like and old dirty fish tank. hopefully she makes it through. I took a clone of the bubble about 4 days ago, I see new growth but no roots yet out of the rock wool. and a 2 day old original deisal 

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    heres the bubble and the clone [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] the original deisal

    And the OG kush  [​IMG]
    As you can see it's pretty pathetic right now but hopefully when I get everything finished here soon, They'll start lookin better 

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  3. You have/are going to have 3 problems.

    1. Fresh air
    2. Heat
    3. Smell
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    Bud shots of my bubblelicouse  CIMG1410.JPG   CIMG1409.JPG CIMG1408.JPG
    She is currently under 4 t8 32watt bulbs and about 50-60 watts in CFL's.

    CIMG1407.JPG   CIMG1403.JPG   CIMG1402.JPG  
    My purple urkle is under 4 26 watt CFL bulps along with an Original Diesal clone.  CIMG1393.JPG   CIMG1392.JPG   CIMG1394.JPG
    Now, I hate growing inside a cooler. It's way to small. I allready had to move my Original deisal (not the clone the one started from seed) to a other grower buddy of mine who said hed watch her till i get a new veg chamber. 
    I'm ditching the idea to veg and flower under the stairs, not enough space for me, so its just for flowering  I've got $150 for a new veg chamber, I was thinking stealth dresser or cabnet
  5. Hello everyone. here is the bubblelicuse [​IMG]  
    [​IMG]     [​IMG]   Do you think harvest time is near? mabye even right now? trichomes are about 10-20% amber, the rest are cloudy. [​IMG]     [​IMG]   should I do a 48 hour dark peiod for the plant to help her finish up, flush her with ice even?

    The purple urkle has been moved to a different location, due to being grown in a small space and to much heat, she got pretty crispy. I'll have her back when the veg box is up and running. in a few weeks.

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  6. All right. Time to revive an old thread.
    Should I start a new one or keep this as s journal? I have upgraded to a 1000 wattt hps/mh for flower and a 400 wat hps/mh for veg. I got two 48x48x79. That's 4x4x6.5ft. A 400 cfm fan with 25ft six inch ducting , fan speed controller 6x16 carbon filter.
    For nutes I got general hydroponics 3part system, flora grow, bloom, and micro. With 5 2galon smartpots (net mesh)
  7. And 5 bricks (650grams a brick) coco coir. How many gallons is one brick?
  8. A 600gram coco brick = about 2-2 1/2 gallons

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  9. 1455506688441.jpg 1455506699843.jpg
    I Burt out my metal halide and have to veg with HPS until a metal halide is replaced. I have 2 26watt cfls 6500k for extra blue light.
  10. 23 sprouts. 8 days from seed tap root. 4 days since sprouted. 3 transplanted to 2 gal hemp bucket.
  11. Veg tent 200 Watts of mh,400 watt mh max output. Should I go up to 400 Watts for veg? There are eight plants. I'll keep them 2ftor less than flower. IMG_20160325_044945525_HDR.jpg clones IMG_20160325_044957547_HDR.jpg flower chamber with veg light cycle for now to get the plants to a nice size to cut some clones before I flip them to 12/12 IMG_20160325_045129217_HDR.jpg IMG_20160325_045135184_HDR.jpg IMG_20160325_045218538_HDR.jpg IMG_20160325_045202552_HDR.jpg this one has thre tops. The other four have two tops. I remove small shoots at the beginning of the stalk.
  12. IMG_20160417_123331017.jpg IMG_20160417_123338432.jpg IMG_20160417_123420002.jpg IMG_20160417_124518.jpg
    Is this caused by bad ph and or nute burn? Oldest mother is the only one like this. Please identify
  13. This is one of the male rootballs. Cut ra week or two into flower.
    They are thick!. It's like an afro almost. It's dry by the way.

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  14. If your talking about the leaves turning brown. I'm sure it was just too hot. I'm usually in the 80s °f so it can gets toasty real quick. My fan makes an annoying rattleing sound I can not figure out why. So I only use low setting on the speed controller.
  15. Just my oldest mother doing that. The rest are normal. That mother was moved to the flower room on the 20th.
  16. The three in the 2 gallon fabric black pots are almost done. It is still badseed so I just guessing it's 80% indica the rest is sativa.. There 6weeks and afew days into flower.
    Any idea when they'll be ready? Some of the pistal hairs are turn Amber brown.I think I got another week mabye two weeks till they get hanged and Jarred.
    IMG_20160506_045405757.jpg IMG_20160506_045401026.jpg IMG_20160506_045328356.jpg
    The big one in the blue pot is 5gallon. Same seeds and poped on the same day as the 2 gal pots. It was a mother plant of some of my veg clones she got big so I put her in flower on April 20.that about 15 days of flower light cycle for her. IMG_20160506_045809097.jpg I'll definantly be using atleast 3 gallon s of meduim ccontainers in the flower chamber from now one.

    I have a pic of watering. The three 2 gal pots are now being flushed with pure water. No added nutes.

    So how much time you think the 3 small plants got till it's chop time? Input is appreciated.
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