1000Watt Hps Aeroponic Eight C.A.P. System

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  1. IMG_2135.JPG IMG_2136.JPG IMG_2138.JPG
    Using Flora Series And Chart
    Rapid Start
    Floralicious Plus
    SOS 10ml
          Im Guessing Im Having Light Burn Because Of The Yellowing Leaves, Ive Also Brought Cal Mag Flusing Monday And Will Be Adding It, Im On My 3rd Week Monday Will Be 4th.
    Comments Are Welcome
    Stoners Unite.

  2. might be nuit burn but not sure only saying that cause its the lower leaves
  3. An Update IMG_0141.jpeg IMG_0140.jpeg IMG_0137.jpeg IMG_0143.jpeg IMG_0144.jpeg IMG_0145.jpeg

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  4. When I get light burn, it's on the top not the bottom. Looks more like nitrogen deficiency to me. Could be caused by wrong ph or wrong ratio of base nutes.
  5. Yea I fixed it by buying a ventilation system
  6. excellent.

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