1000watt Headband, ATF - Organic LST First Grow

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  1. Well here is my first grow!! Im going to start flowering this weekend!!

    I have 2 - Alaskan Thunderf*ck plants from some bag seed.

    I have 1 - Headband plant from a clone, that is the true headband not a seed from a company! I live in Cali and this was purchased from a dispensary that is masterkush x OG kush x Sour Diesel.

    I attached some photos of the headband top and side view which is the first two phots.

    Than the bigger ATF i put up the smaller one isnt ready to flower yet want to veg for another week or two.

    Also included a pic of my new light and my flower room!!

    My set up:
    Light - 1000 watt HPS for flowering
    2 x 4ft flours. for veg. plus 5 100watt CFL's
    Pots - 3 x 4gal Pots
    Soil - Happy Frog Organic soil
    Temp range anywhere from 70-85 - on really hot days like 100F +
    in the veg room. going to be doing test runs of the flowering room for 2 day prior of puting the plants in
    I have 1 6in vortex fan hook'd up to the 1000 watt light for exhaust and i have 1 6in. booster fan for the intake air.

    Lights - 18hrs on - 6hrs off
    I veg the 2 bigger ones for 4 weeks this weekend. I am LST so i can get some massive multiple colas, hopefully!
    I am using Mexican Bat quano i brew for about 6hrs with a air stone before every other watering.

    Lights - 12hrs. on - 12 hrs. off
    I am using Bio Bizz liguid Organic nutes. Hydro shop talked me into it but i trust the guy he has ton of knowledge.

    Well thats it for now if you guys have any questions or comments feel free!!!

    I will be taking a ton of pics and planning for my 2nd grow to have 6 plants in 3 gals pots but will be 5 headband and 1 ATF probly unless it is a big hit!!

    I just love the high of ATF when i smoked it thank god i found 3 seeds in there and they germ with flying colors!

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  2. Looks like a nice setup! Good luck.

  3. Thanks dude cant wait to start flowering this weekend!!!
  4. So i decided to put them under the 1000watt HPS in the flowering room.

    I have the light 36in above the light and plan on moving the light down 3 to 5 inches every light cycle until i hit 18in so the plants can get use to the heat and light.

    The times im running the light is from 8:30PM to 8:30AM i believe this is the best time to run where i live.

    Tonight was a very hot night at 7:15pm is was completely dark and still about 96F

    So i ran the light for a while and with my fans started at 630pm and the temp were way to high, It was like 104F with the light as high as it could go. So i waited with this thing running until it came to about 90F that was 830pm and put the plants in.

    There first 12hr dark cycle will start at 830AM on 10/3/2010.

    I think my temps are a little to high but tonight was a really hot one and my room tends to run a little hot.

    I have pretty good airflow - 6in fan for exhaust hooked to cool tube rated at 450CFM, with a 6inch booster fan on the passive 6in intake, I also have a 16in Wall Mounted Fan and that 10inch tornado fan on the ground it moves a lot of good air.

    With the size of my room it exchanges total air in about 40sec. give or take a few.

    Well i think thats it the outside air is just really hot tonight i think thats all it is, it should be getting cooler soon i felt a couple rain drops when i just w

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  5. WOW 1000Watts and you're only doing 3 plants?
  6. lol yes for the time being, this is like a test run for the indy 500 brotha.

    These 3 i have been veg. for 4-5 weeks now and i took a bunch of clones off of each plant and plan on having 6 next grow, and the grows after.

    Im more determining plant size and Pot gallon size while im LST so i can see really how many plant i can fit. Im growing pretty big those are 5gal. pots right now!

    I was going to have the headband and the best ATF as mother plants but do to space and more power usage i just dont see a point in my set-up, i can take clones just fine off the veg. plants right before they go into flower!!!
  7. The genetics of the strain will slowly degrade if you keep successive cloning like that. It may take a while, but you'll start to yield less and less quality. If you're just planning on doing a few runs, you'll probably be fine. But if you're planning on keeping the ATF going for the foreseeable future, you may want a mother.

    I'm in the same dilemma. I want to find a dank ass mother to keep aound, but is it worth it for the 3 plants I can grow. Or should I just buy seeds/clones every grow?
  8. Well i have the same case as you, dont have the space for a mother and really dont need one due to i will only be taking 6 clones every 8 weeks or so! I also have been reading tons of fourms and have never heard about genetics degrading. I remember reading a person that has been use ing clones from the same clones for 20years and never had a problem and still use's the same geneics. So im not going to worry about it to much if for some reason my plants dont produce as much as a past grow, ill probly just go buy a new clone or some good quality beans!!!!

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