1000w Waterfarm / 400w DWC Bubbleponics

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    Hi there,

    My computer crashed, so I am using my cell/GC Forum app to start this thread, so please bare with me as my uploads suck a lot, lol.
    But anyhoo

    This is what I am working with for this run, and most likely future runs as well:

    - Flower room -
    (1) 1000w enhanced Metal Halide 4200k
    (1) 400w enhanced MH Conversion to fit my hps balast. 4200k
    (1) 4site Waterfarm with a few modifications. 12 gallons total
    (1) 10 site DWC 45 gallons. (this is still under construction, so may not make its appearance this round. In its place I may run a SCROG.

    Here are a few pics of room under construction. This is our Spare Bedroom.


    More pics to come, the fiance calls for me. :)
    Puff Puff Pass

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    Ok, on to some more info.
    Here are Main Genetics I am working with.

    SUGAR BLACK ROSE - Delicious Seeds
    Genotype: 20% sativa 80% indica
    THC: 18%
    Indoor Harvest: 50 to 55 days
    Flavour: Not specified
    Production: 350 gr/m2 indoor
    Smell: High
    Efect: Medicinal
    Outdoor Harvest: mid-September
    Lineage: critical + X black domina
    Medicinal value: Very high

    COTTON CANDY - Delicious Seeds
    Genotype: 75% sativa 25% indica
    THC: 20%
    Indoor Harvest: 60 to 70 days
    Flavour: Citric fruit
    Production: 450-550gr/m2 indoor
    600 gr/m2 outdoor
    Smell: Very High
    Efect: Euphoric
    Outdoor Harvest: mid-October
    Lineage: Lavender X Power Plant
    Medicinal: value Medium

    I currently use theDynagrow line of Nutrients, but I am on the search for good 100% Organic Hydro friendly Nutes.
    Not sure what else to say atm, so will throw a few more pics at ya.

    Any and all comments are welcome.

    DWC - not quite finished

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  3. subbed for impending awesomeness
  4. Subbed :) I have a cotton candy running right now. Best of luck!
  5. [quote name='"Tihspeed"']subbed for impending awesomeness[/quote]

    HaHa!! Thanks. I hope I can grow to your and my expectations. :)
  6. [quote name='"DNorris"']Subbed :) I have a cotton candy running right now. Best of luck![/quote]

    Nice :)

    Cotton Candy was my freebie through Attitude Seed Bank.
    Glad to have you along.

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    I forgot to mention.

    I veg with the 12/1 light cycle.

    This will be my 2nd 12/1 run, and I am excited.
    My first run with it went very well. The growth I got was CRAZY!!
    I had major issues in late flower, so my harvest suffered... But alas, my patients are happy :)
    This is why we do this, right?

    I suffer from Diabetic Neuropathy, cluster headaches, impacted c5 & c6, which is a pain, no pun intended, anxiety, insomnia, and severe ADD, my fiance says I should be the poster child. :-/

    I am a LEGAL patient & caregiver
    I grow for myself and 2 other patients, free of charge, as they are on fixed incomes.

    Anyhoo, here is a link that describes the 12/1 light cycle.

    Oh, I had about a 45% drop on my bill, using (2) 1000w lights.

    Uhoh, looks like she can't open, will have to fix that in the morning, lights went out 5 seconds after I took the pic.... DOH!
    And my eyesight SUCKS in green light. I don't do much at sleep time, but watch the plants.

    Yes I watch the plants, I sing to them, play classical, and techno music fo them, they love Bach, Kai Tracid, Wagner, and Cosmic Gate.

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  8. good lookin shit mr weeds!
  9. [quote name='"briwes911"']good lookin shit mr weeds![/quote]

    Thank you :)

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  10. puff puff that shit all day and all night!! sober is for loozers! lol =P
  11. Lol.

    I smoked a combo bowl
    Super Lemon Amnesia + Abusive JillyDawg

    It is a "motivational couch lock" combo.

  12. aw man im stuck up till 6 befor i take place with any type of couchlock anything lol!! ugh more like 7 lol!! 3 more hrs FTW!!! lol :cool::cool:
  13. **mini Update**

    I noticed I forgot to add my 400watt chart thingy. So here it is.


    Putting my gals into the 4 site system tomorrow. Ran into a few electrical issues. I need to add another breaker. I miscalculated a thing or two, so my 400w system is on the sidelines for another week. Ugh.
    On a bright note, my gals will be about the same size as the clones I have coming in. :)

    *fyi, I just realized that I type into my HerbIQ journal the same way I type here, lol. Well it is funny to me anyways. Hehe.

    OH! I got a patient referral today, so the possibility of 12 more plants is in my near future.

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    Some more pics for ya....
    The girls are in their new home.
    Have I ever told you?
    Due to my own dumb actions, 2 of my 5 Sugar Black Roses went to Cannabis Heaven. (may they bud in peace)
    If it weren't for my pitbulls, I would still have my old genetics....
    Dogs Love hydroton
    Dogs Love to eat plants too
    And they think my OLD (dead/ate) Bubble Cloner was a glorified water dish, and giant chew toy with green candy sticking out of it.

    They took advantage of my neglect and got into my old cloning room while we were away, ugh. So now I am playing with seeds again, yay :-/
    Seedlings make me too nervy.

    I decided to run my lights at night, hopefully eliminating future heat issues because of summer.

    More later, enjoy the pics.

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  15. Just wondering when can I try the 12:1 lighting schedule? I have some going into week 3 of flower, can I just flip it to the 10.5 on 13.5 off? Also same question about my veg plants.. They are a month old or so.. Been running them 24hrs. Thanks in advance..
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    [quote name='"xDEBOYx"']Just wondering when can I try the 12:1 lighting schedule? I have some going into week 3 of flower, can I just flip it to the 10.5 on 13.5 off? Also same question about my veg plants.. They are a month old or so.. Been running them 24hrs. Thanks in advance..[/quote]

    The 12/1 light cycle is for vegetative growth.
    Go ahead and switch your veg plants.

    I run my lights from 4pm - 4am and from 9:30am - 10:30am
    This best fits my schedule of sleep. :)
    I run my flowering plants @ 12/12 for the first 3 weeks of flower , and then switch to 11/13. :)

    Hope that helps

    Just noticed you said your veg plants were about a month old.
    I woul suggest cloning them, and then start the 12/1 with the clones.
    I do run 18/6 until the clones are rooted nicely, before the switch. After taking the clones, tgeow them bad girls in the flower room. :)
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    Bad news: 3 of 4 plants died.
    Good news: They were NOT my good SBR's ... I realized I mislabeled my plants, well not so much mislabled as I used a water soluble marker on my jiffy pots, and had a hard time reading my labels... DOH!!!

    Bad news: this means my good seeds did not germinate.
    Good news: Delicous Seeds are sending me new seeds... WOOT!!!
    Those guys rock, really good people.

    I have one plant struggling to stay alive. I changed out the water, temp @ 68f ph @ 6.1 ppm @ 300
    Room temp @ 73f and 54% humidity.

    Out of 35 seeds germinated, 24 lived, 19 of which are/were planted for guerilla. (a relative watches over my outdoor girls) But 2 nights of frost may spell their doom.

    SO. I love growing. Even when shit hits the fan. Ugh....

    So PLEAAAAAASE send some positive vibes to my lil Ice Pineapple Kush girl.

    She gets a 1k light all to herself for the next week.

    This is my worst start ever, but at least I have clones, and more seeds on the way. :)

    Puff Puff Pass

  18. At least you're getting new seeds.
    And good luck with the one that survived. Maybe she's the miracle plant that will get the biggest amount off of
  19. **UPDATE**


    Had a major stoner moment, and dropped my poor "Andrea" in my control Resevoir.


    Note to self: Cell phones do not good Nutient additives make.

    Anyhoo change of plans. A friend asked if I would do a trial with him. So I am now using Roots Organic Soil, and doing a Water Only Veg cycle. So the DWC is on the sidelines
    Until I can clip clones.

    I was wondering if there was a way to change my Thread title. I do not want to repost my pics, etc. if not, it is all groovy. But I will either update with new room pics, etc, or you will see a new thread... :)

    Will post the link here, too.

    Puff Puff Pass

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