1000w Undercurrent DWC, Strawberry Cough

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  1. Hey everyone, things were going fantastic up until about a week and a half ago. My plants leaves began yellowing at a tremendous rate. They then curl up and die. I also have an extaordinary amount of white dots on my leaves. It doesnt really wipe off though, its got me confused! My room is at an average of 75, never goes below 72 and never above 76. My humidity is about 60% right now. My ph is constant at 6.0, and my ppms were at 372 last night. I know the pictures i attached arent amazing, but i had to work late and needed a few quick snapshots before lights out. I will add more tomorrow. I cannot afford to lose this crop!

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  2. How far along
    Temp of the water
    Nutrient line
    Where do you get your water
    What pen you using
  3. They are in week 6 of flowering, week 7 begins on august 7th. Water temp is at 77 degrees, and im using advanced nutes with just a splash of thrive alive b1 green. I buy all my water from walmart "great value spring water. My meter is a TDS 3 ppm/temp meter.

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  4. Will do, I hope I can save this batch!
  5. How do your roots look?
  6. The roots are pretty healthy looking for the most part, theres a few dark patches. I couldnt really get a decent picture. The screen doesnt like to move too much.
  7. Hey bro, cool setup. You want your soup temps under 70. 68 is ideal, actually. This will reduce the potential for harmful algae, but more importantly, cooler water can hold more absorbed oxygen than warm water. This is critical for a DWC, especially an undercurrent, where the pump actively heats the water. A water chiller is not optional.

    If you can't keep nute temp in check, then ebb and flow is the way to go!
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    68 is an ideal temp but in no way is a water chiller not optional. I run a RDWC with 85* water temps with absolutely no problems and nothing but healthy fast green growth. Clean system and few additives and high temps really arent a problem. If anything go big on the pump, I find that the faster the flow the fewer issues that arise. I run 4 buckets with 2x400gph sub pumps and it works great.

  9. Sorry got a little off track, as for the OP, i would guess that you were underfeeding a little early there. Streawberry cough is usually 9-10 week strain, so during week 6 i would still have been running probably 1000-1200 ppm@.7 conversion (EC 1.4-1.7), dropped down to 800ppm (EC 1.15) for week 7, and then flush to straight water for weeks 8-9 to let them finish yellowing out.

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