1000w SCROG (Blueberry)

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  1. Hey grasscity,
    I thought while I had some time I would post some pictures of my current grow. This will be my third grow and I am trying to maximize my yield. This is my first time scrogging and I am loving it so far.
    My current setup is:
    6 blueberry plants
    5 gal smart pots
    exhaust fan
    5x6 panda tent
    4.33 x 5.33 scrog
    cutting edge nutrients
    The blueberry's I am growing are nute whores and soak up their water. They drink about a galloon each a day and they just began to flower. I am hoping to see how much I can yield by maximizing my space and growing a heavy yielding strain. My hopes are atleast 1.5 lbs without CO2. I will update when I can thanks.
    After transplant
    First day of scrog (started bumping nutes up a lot)
    Day 5 of scrog (filling out nicely)
    Day 8 of scrog (Day 3 of flower)
    Hope you guys enjoy and pls comment

  2. That scrog definitely filled out nice!

    How much would you have to average per plant to hit a pound? I suck at math
  3. A little more than 2.6 a plant. I can see me getting a QP a plant.
  4. Just a little update. Currently at day 5 of flower and day 10 of scrog
    IMG_0442.jpg IMG_4448.jpg
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    Heres another update the scrog is killing it and so are the blueberrys. Really thinking I could get a fatttt yield here.
    Day 7 of Flower (13 of scrog)
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    Another update for you guys. Currently at day 12 of flower. Looking great!! IMG_4383.jpg IMG_4875.jpg
  7. Hey GC haven't given an update for a bit so I thought I would catch you guys up. I am currently on day 20 of flower, but these pictures were taken yesterday at day 19. They stretched a lot and completely fill my entire tent! Definitely thinking 1.5 lbs on this 1000w. 
    IMG_9663.jpg IMG_2834.jpg IMG_3802.jpg
  8. thanks man its my first time scrogging and its working great!
  9. Nice scrog man. How did your rare dankness seeds turn out? Get any solid females?
  10. Thanks man. We got 4 keeper females from the rugburn but we didnt really have room for them at the time unfortunately as we found other fire cuts. We took cuts from each of the females to save and one of my buddies is just now running 2 of the phenos. 
  11. Heres another update on the blueberrys. They are now at day 26 and looking bomb and starting to stankkk.  IMG_9318.jpg IMG_0502.jpg IMG_4867.jpg
  12. I have 10 blueberry babies, I always love growing that strain.
  13. hell ya this is my first time growing them, so far so good!
  14. Whats up guys just took some more pics of the blueberrys, they are really starting to stank and filled out. This tent is sooooo full. Im really hoping for 1.5-1.75 on this 1000w. Check out how big they are getting! And they really could not be any happier. IMG_1168.jpg IMG_1712.jpg IMG_3291.jpg
  15. :wave: Ok so did you get what u hoped? :smoking:

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