1000w question

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by killakronic89, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. i have a 1000w with cooltube in my closest and it is 4.5ft wide 7 ft tall and 2 ft deep. my question is, is this enough light four 4-5 plants? i mean like the lumens per sq. ft. my bulb is 140,000 lumens, but im confused on how to calculate this...
  2. That's more than enough. General rule is 75w a plant but I think you should be concerned about how much heat that 1000w will produce. Exhaust fan will be a definite must
  3. I am also interested on how you plan to exhaust. I run a similar setup/space and heat is always a struggle but the dense buds are worth it IMO.
  4. I fight to keep temps down below 80f with a 400w in slightly less amount of space, I'm a noob. D:

    Haven't had the ac turned on yet though, so that should help a little bit.
  5. well i harvested one plant so far with the 1000w in there, i grow in the closet and i use a window unit, i also exhaust my cooltube in the attic. i got lucky and the crawl space in the room also.. i have a box fan in the bottom of the closet sucking air in and two slots at the top to release the heat. my temps gennerlly run between 76- 80 lights on and 50-65 when off, i also use two inline DUCT fans for the cooltube and thats it. the room usually stays about 60F with the a/c unit. otherwise it wouldnt be cold enough. nd i run both DWC and coco.

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