1000W per bedroom

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  1. Does this rule also apply for apartments?
  2. what rule? every apartment, house, grow site, setup and grower is so different from one to the next that any "rules" you may be thinking about are probably meaningless.

    if you want opinions on what might a reasonable setup given your living conditions, space, security concerns and goals, then you need to give us more information.
  3. people say the "general rule of thumb" is a thousand watts per bedroom. I was thinking doing a grow in an apartment with two bedrooms. Wanted to do 2000 watts.

    edit: and sorry for being vague, I don't have a computer so I'm quick every time I check up. I want to know if that's an alright wattage to get out of my wall, or is that too much for an apartment. Would be strickly grow house, would not use much other power.

  4. Anybody home? I want to do 1000w in one apartment and after this one when i move into a 2br I want to run 2000w thru our electricity. Just want to know if that's chill. Someone?
  5. 2kW isn't that much power, but you really should dip the power usage a bit at night time. How many plants do you plan on having? 1000Ws for lighting, and a couple hundred for fans and stuff. 2kWs on a somewhat small grow seems overkill.

    So here are my questions

    What are you using that needs how much power(lights, fans, heaters, chillers, dehumidifiers and humidifiers)? How many plants do you plan on growing? What are you using to get rid of the smell and all of the heat?
  6. Im not sure who says 1000watt per bedroom? But those are small bedrooms.

    1000w will effectively cover about about 5.5' X 5.5'. Actually thats a little much but will work.

    Lets say you have a bedroom thats 12' X 15'(my bedroom) You'd want 2 X 1000w and still have some space to maneuver around the outside.

    Good Luck
  7. + running 1000w or 2000w shouldnt be a problem.

    Just make sure your bill is always paid.
  8. Thank you for answering the question <3
  9. You might want to double check your lease to make sure the landlord / property management is required to give you some sort of written notice before entering the premises.
  10. im not here to tell anybody what to do, simply offering my advice with my own experiences attached for back up. with that said:

    i wouldnt advise flowering in an apartment at all. just giving u a piece of my homeboys experience and adivce...had a guy growing in an apartment, thrid story and the police showed up one day litterally 4 days before they were about to be smoking their harvest and raided the place. unless you are living in an apartment complex that maybe your family privatley owns or have a legal license to grow, growing in an apartment can be a receipe for disaster...

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