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  1. This will be my first grow just making sure i have what i need first. But my question is what has anyone yielded off 1 plant from this type of setup.*1000w MH/HPS*Low Stress Training*Topping*SCROG *Deep Water Culture-Bubble Bucket¿ I am not asking what will i expect?But anyone with this type or similar setup has gotten off from just 1 plant, dried, cut and the whole nine yard???Advice is always welcome. Anything for a larger yield from 1 or very few plants. Not trying to farm. Haha
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    Dude u want to pull a 1000W HID lamp for only 1 plant.Always u get more with less smaller plants than 1 big.U didn't mention how big is ur growing room.U probably will gey more 300 grams dryed bud but this will be with long veg period.U will get more more buts with less veg if u do more plants with less veg period.This also depend alot of the genetic u grow.Remember that 1000W HID can cover big area.The other important thing is the pot size u use.Sent from my GT-I9505 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  3. I just cropped out a single plant that grew under a 600w... I think you can pull over a pound with the right strain, a large pot (I used 25 gal), and maybe 8-10 weeks veg. Lowe's by me has these 10 gal planters that fit a 25 gal pot perfectly, throw a little perlite in the bottom and you've got a self-watering planter.
    I'm in the same boat, I grow strictly for personal use so no deadlines or production quotas I like to do shit like this just for the fun of it.
  4. First, 1KW is too overkill for just one plant, i suggest u to go for a 3 atleast.Second, personally i think this setup would be too much for u, especially its your first time. Third, drop some dank shit, theres no point of running this kind of power on random seeds, you might not get expected yield.But good luck. ;)
  5. I never said i was only doing 1 plant. Just asking what I could pull from a single plant. I plan on doing just 3 plants. Each with its own 5 gallon bucket. I'm not worried about the whole "take it easy its my first grow". It will all be in a 3'x5'x8' closet. And i plan on starting from clones. Drnick420- what kind of strain would you use for this type of setup.Or anybody would use. Lets keep the advice coming. Like i said I'm not worried about the first grow karma. I'm going all in on this.
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    depend on how long you veg and eviroment. 1K can yield 2oz or 1p.
  7. 10 weeks of vegging
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    If size is not a problem then some kind a sativa maybe? Have seen nice pulls from those.By random seeds i meant unknown bagseeds. You'll never know what you're growing.Btw, you already got everything you need? Whole setup?
  9. I don't think size as in tall should be a problem because I'm going with a 8' closet. Minus average the bucket and as high ass the light can go so about 6'ish feet. With that in mind do you think sativs or indica? And ok i gotcha. Yeah I'm not going with any bagseed. I will for sure be starting off with a clones with this grow.And honestly no. I do not i ran into so personal things that had to be taking care of. But i am going to do everything the right way the first way. Not trying to skimp out on anything that could be valuable in the long run. If you know what i mean. Within the next 5 days i will be building my closet. 3'x5'x8' I'm hoping will be perfect for 3 plants. Any advice before i start?
  10. I'd go for sativa with that setup, they grow taller and wider (some strains) which means more buds. Ofc it depends do you want to get end product ASAP or you'll do it as a side hobby. Maybe some fast strains? Maybe your fav. strain? Its all up to you.Seems like you have better selection and availability of strains, so take your time.. research, look other people threads, harvests etc.GL.

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